Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ganu Sokmo

This is waaayyy overdue...I had one of the most relaxing weekend just recently, with my mates at Awana Kijal Temasik...For your eyes only...We should do this more often la gang...Thumbs up for the return of Miss Event Organizer!
Chess anyone?

Nik against the sunset

Lina...awat menyenget sgt?hehe..

Saza against the sunset gak...jiwang kawan2 saya ni..:p

Saya di Teluk Cempedak

Finger Twin

Did anyone see Friends, when Joey thought that having a Hand Twin is fantastically cool, and tried making money out of it? I just discovered that I have a Finger Twin...My own nephew. I always find that my fingers are inconveniently chubby...But when I found my twin, I think its pretty cool...hehe...sama kan?

Saturday, April 05, 2008

March Gone in a Wink

Dear Blog,

Sorry I've not updated in you for a while, but that's just because I don't really have time for myself, like I used to in the month of Feb. Feb was blissfull...aahhh....I miss you Feb...However, March was awesome in a fast-track way...

I've started work in a totally different environment...Work literally starts at 8, even though deep inside you know that you should enjoy the Monday Blues bug that seems to bite you ever since you started work years ago...At this place, bugs or no bugs, work is work...No more time for that 'Oh...I had an incredible date' or 'Oh...my bed's calling me for another visit' or 'I must try that recipe I got from Nigella'...I now enjoy NOT looking at the clock anymore, only able to when its past working hours(or only for lunch at 1)...I have a lunch and dinner grouppie already... ready at 1pm to go drive out for better food than the canteen spread or lepak after work for good food at a well-recommended restaurant...Basically this group is all out in pursuit of good food, just like yours truly la...I like...huhu

So far...I'd really recommend William's Kelana Jaya, a very buruk looking gerai, with menu like Chicken Ala Kiev, Risotto, Ratatouille, Lamb Shank Nasi Goreng Ketam, Mee Raja, Peach Iced Blended, Longan Ribena and lots more (menu changes daily, due to stocks available) and you could expect the pricing of Chilli's. Nell brought me here once, and another visit here recently confirms that this place is definitely worth mentioning. When you want to order, ask for William himself. He'll recommend the best dishes they have to offer.

The election came and went with a slap on the face. I wish the best of luck for my dear country. Yours truly went to do her bit, but to no avail.

I'm still in 'the' age group with lil sis..woohoo...longest line though :p

A dear friend got married just recently to a guy who has been waiting for her hand for ages. That's what I call true love. To be able to endure hardship of waiting without a time limit, and to commit to her for as long as she wants it to be. And I'm sure she's very much in love with him as well, by the way she tells about her husband to be then. Congrats Hazreen and hubby...May you live happily ever after...

That's me, Hazreen and Hubby, Han and Saza

Lawa kan?Someone was showing off her new baju from Arab...:)

I had the most amazing time with my friends from school. School = St Mary's Girl School KL. We didn't get to gather as many as we wanted, but managed to meet up with 15 at the Rain Nuddle House in the Pavillion. It was the one of the most precious 3 hours of re-introduction of oneself (because most of us can't even remember who was who, looking at how so much has changed!) I now have friends in various banks and huge companies, gorgeous stewardesses and very successful business women of late 20s. How amazing is that? One of the girls had the liberty of bringing with her the school magazine, and that was how we searched for everyone's past photo.Cuba cari I...huhu...I'm definitely different, so different that most of them couldn't even recognize me...Sabar je la...

I stayed with Nik and Saza in the Palace of the Golden Horses 2 weeks ago. The rooms were huge! Nik got us the room for free, thanks to her sis and her vacation package :) But it was a short and lovely stay, coz all of us had things to do the following morning, and we checked in after work. We sneaked out in the middle of the nite for a chic flick (27 Dresses) and had a teh tarik session with Han at Pelita till 4 in the morning...Its been a while since I've stayed up like this...So much so that yours trully got sick the following day, till Tuesday...I'm alright now :)

Huge bed, fit for a Princess

Baby Haziq had his first birthday party at his grandma's place at Batu Caves. We had good food and definitely good company, coz most of his Godmothers turned up of course, wearing their Godmother badges (courtesy of Aunty Nellie) Most importantly, Haziq loved our presents and I think he had a good time as well. Let the pictures explain further :)

Mokcik Nik happy bebeno..hehe

Bes kan Aunty Olyn and Aunty Nik bought you?

Baby Hana is barely 2 months, and her mother, who happens to be my bestfriend from school, Shikin, threw her a Kenduri Akikah at their place few weeks back...Hana is so adorable, and she slept soundly in my arms for so long...Introducing, a new addition to Olyn's babies...Baby Hana!!

Handfull ain't it, this month? This weekend, however, I'm utterly free as a bird, so free that it's already almost 4pm and I've not taken my bath yet...huhu...I need to freshen up now...