Friday, June 29, 2007

everything happens for a reason,
every sickness promises health (or death) in the end,
every mistake promises lessons not to be repeated,
every failure promises success some day,
life was not writen over a day by mere human,
life is a journey beyond our control,
beyond our imagination,
God promises good for the good,
bad for the bad,
most importantly God promises forgiveness
for whom forseeks forgiveness,
happiness for whom works hard for happiness,
beyond this dark patch of clouds,
God promises His loved ones a rainbow,
God, help me go through this,
give me strength and courage and hope,
everything happens for a reason, i hope,
there's a blessing in disguise, i pray.

ps:BFF's...i need a hug

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sup Punye Pasal

Sup ape ni yer...? :)

Tangkap basah ngan Na!

Crazy nite. Mak felt like having a bowl of soup at one of our fav spots for sup mamak, which serves all kinds of soups of all parts of the lembu, kambing and ayam. Sup Jalan Doraisamy has been one of the biggest spots in KL since forever. I just came back from a bowl of Sup Campur - no need to know la campur ape. 'Cherry' of the nite was the sudden downpour (cats and dogs OK) that got us drenched, and slightly disappointed with the cold Nasi Lemak they had to serve with the soups. Soups were excellent, nevertheless. And a word of warning...Never park at the parking space legally on Friday and Saturday nites. They charge you RM10 per entry.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Leen & KE

The happy couple

Cek Mek berposing 1

Tukar position

Happily married couple of the month. Semoga bahagia hingga ke akhir hayat, murah rezeki dan dikurniakan anak-anak yang comel.

Jumbo Trip

Nature at its best

Me and Wan and Logimala (kot)

This weekend may have been one of the most fulfilling weekends in months. I had 2 trips to Pahang, on 2 separate days, with 2 entirely different crowds for 2 entirely different reasons. But both required early starts, but I didn't mind at all, considering how worthwhile both the occasions were.
Saturday...I made 2 new fantabulous friends; Wan and Amir, and spent 2 great hours with 6 adorable (jumbo-like) 'pets'. The fantastic five (us 3 + Nell and Husna) started early in the morning, had breakkie at Genting Sempah (though much to Wan's resistance - he hated the name so much :p) and continued on the 1.5hrs journey to the Elephant Sanctuary Park Kuala Gandah. We arrived at almost 11, quickly registered, and was recommended to go lepak at a nearby Deer Park (3km away), but instead we explored the Kampung Orang Asli nearby (walking distance). The locals performed for us, and some of us even tried sumpit. That was fun. The next few hours till the start of event at 1 was spent aimlessly in front of the camera ( are such a poser!) The video show was informative, but the real deal started at 2.

We were practically running towards the ele's when we saw them, all lined up for their bath and meal. Punyelah beria nak naik gajah, sampaikan mula-mula we didn't even want to feed the ele's, but who could resist such a grand occasion. The place provided tonnes of fruits for everyone to feed. Comel sangat. Banyak perangai. One didn't want to eat anything else but bananas, one wanted people to feed him directly into the mouth only (manja kan...) but others were just happily accepting all that we feed. Ada papayas, watermelons, bananas, cucumber. Menarik ok...

Next was the ride of the day. I loved the short (very short actually) trip on the back of Logimala (an adult ele from India) with Nell and the trainer. I wished it was longer, but if you thought about it, kesian plak kat gajah-gajah nih, nak layan semua orang yang datang tiap-tiap hari. Throngs of people OK, and mainly from KL. It was fun nevertheless, riding on its bare back. I felt really close to nature then. :) Kinda like Jane..huhu...

The last event really was the event of the day, saved for last. This time, I rode the ele in the river, with Wan, Husna and a Mat Salleh, and at one point, it just free-falls on the side, along with us on its back. Fun yang ultimate OK. I don't think any rides I've been on my whole life could compare. Tenggelam heads-on into the river. huhu. I don't know how to describe the feeling, but I'd definitely drive the 1.5hrs drive back anyday for that 5-minute fun. All rides are limited to one per person, and only the first 120 persons registered gets the chance of doing all these activities. Check this out: Have fun!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Sexual Discrimination - Not 1st Time

Nobody has any rights to judge anybody about how religious or not a person is. And I don't agree that anybody should act as though it is somehow their responsibility to comment or act upon another's act of being. This is year 2007, I am 28 years old, my parents have fully educated me, be it in world knowledge or religion. It is my rights and choice (with permission from Mak) to wear whatever I want, be it a mini skirt, a jubah, the most ketat and jarang kebaya ever made, or just plain undergaments. Who are you to comment if my outfit is too exposing? Are you my parent? No. Are you a family? Heck no. I am not speaking as an employee. I am speaking as a fellow Muslim and a human being, who is never hypocrytical about herself. You are not perfect yourself, but I don't tell each and every one of your imperfections to your face, do I? We' re all grownups here. I like the way I am, and nobody should judge me. Tolonglah...Jaga je la kubur masing-masing...

ps: this is partly the stress you get by working in a 'Melayu' environment. just letting out steam here.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Gemini 3+2

Nita and Mak gettin' comfy

Wacko men of the family. Heikal, trying his best to murder the napkin.

My very first Benefit. Suke sangat! So terus try pakai

Me and Na at Manhattan Fish Market posing before smudging our faces with fish

Nell gumbira dengan Nasik Lemaknye at Little Penang :)

I think this may be the most pokai but the best month every year for everyone in the family and amongst my best friends. There are 3 Gemini's in the family (Nita on 27/5, Myself on 6/6, and Mak on 8/6) and 2 other Gemini's closest to my heart (Nik on 7/6 and Nell on 19/6). Today marks the last celebration for the month for the family (phew), we ended it with a grand dinner at Naab, Ampang Point. But let's just start from the beginning.
Nita's was at Fish Manhattan Market (yummy), followed by Secret Recipe New York Cheese Cake (yummy). Mine was at Bora Ombak (yummy), and was presented by the crew and singer, my choice of Secret Recipe Mud Cake (yum). And Mak's was as mentioned, followed by Secret Recipe Yoghurt Cheese Cake (yummilicious to both).

Topping up all these, my closest colleagues took me out for lunch on my birthday at Chatters, USJ12. The food was good, we had non-stop entertainment (Batu) and hillarious talk and action by others (Lin, Ariff and Farid). Nell was such a sweetheart, for gathering the BFF's for Little Penang, KLCC, the next day after work and even got the cakes that I love (a slice of Chocolate Indulgence and a slice of Vanilla Mango). Food was without a doubt, yummy. (Speaking of which...Next week have to start back on diet! Too much cakes for the month!) And as a conclusion, I received:

1. Handbag from Mak
2. Levi's jeans from Nita
3. Watch from Kak Dudi
4. Handphone holder from Na
5. Benefit Pocket Pal from BFF's
And will receive (bile yer?):

1. Ice cream treat at Baskin

Thank you so much everyone, for spoiling me rotten this year. Even though I'm pretty shy to admit it, but I loved (so much) the birthday song you guys sang to me at the office. I don't think any office in the world could compare. Thanks Sheikh, for the RNB version, thanks Batu, for starting the choir, thanks Kak Bib for singing to me a bit, later (coz you came in late again :p). Thank you Mak, Nita, Kak Dudi, Na and my fav girlfriends for your wonderful gifts. Once again Nell...I didn't mean to hint. I was just telling you a story :p Thank you Batu, Ariff, Lin and Farid for my birthday lunch. Love you guys to bits. xoxoxoxox

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Your Birthdate: June 6

You tend to be a the rock in relationships - people depend on you.
Thoughtful and caring, you often put others needs first.
You aren't content to help those you know... you want to give to the world.
An idealist, you strive for positive change and dream about how much better things could be.

Your strength: Your intuition

Your weakness: You put yourself last

Your power color: Rose

Your power symbol: Cloud

Your power month: June

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Korea Korea Part 1

Maple tree at the National Museum at Guangjoo

With Min, our devoted Asst Manager+driver+entertainer

Frust tak dpt tengok traditional dance, nyanyi sorang je la

Discussion at a coffee shop in Busan. May have been one of my fav times there

Its been a while since my last post. I've been missing for the past 4 weeks, thanks to my company for sending me once again, for an overseas assignment and the none stop work that followed. I loved each and every moment of the 11 days I was in Korea (well, maybe minus the 2 minutes of tears...hehe); be it the people, the work and of course the food even though I was screaming for beef and chicken by the end of the week. I almost did, in the airline.

Anyway, the whole affair was work work work, eat kimchi (kimchi starters, kimchi soup, kimchi fried rice) and an overall of about 10 hours of shopping (about 5 hours on the one Sunday off from work in Ulsan, another 1 hour of stolen time during lunch, and another 4 hours or so during the short stay in Seoul) Life was definitely hectic especially from the non-stop work, but I'm definitely looking forward to more of these kinda assignment.
My work revolves much around Ulsan, an industrial city, especially catering for Hyundai, and a few days trip to Busan (about 2 hours drive from Ulsan). Weather was perfect, about 16 - 21 deg Celcius during the day (I loike very much!) and we were driven around by the Asst Manager of the company we were working with, a young, hyperactive, cute guy (married though :p) who fell in love with Siti Nurhaliza, when one of the other guys that came, gave him a CD having one of her most recent songs. hehe. My job was to approve of what they do, comment, and solve the problems that arise, with help of others.