Wednesday, November 09, 2016

New Job

4th week into the job. maybe a bit premature to comment much, but so far, its been a roller coaster. i am blessed to be 'loaned' to this sweet man; my on loan boss for this huge project to manage. he's sweet, but a man of few words. 2 weeks into the job and the man falls ill. i did not get to learn so much. independant work is indeed huge here. everyday is a struggle now; trying to understand things, trying to answer my onsite client on so many random things that comes to her head, trying to report to my other superiors about whats happening to the project; all this, to fill my boss's shoes. i'm still trying to be optimistic about this, and am praying hard that he returns soon. kinda drowning. overwhelmed. kinda lost. hmm

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

I Got Engaged

Dear Diary,

A dear kind man finally came and got me hooked to him, and we got engaged recently on 31 July 2016. That date is exactly 6 months since we met online. It was an emotional day for me. I felt the loss of not having Ayah around and being skeptical of how my uncle would do as Mak's representative. I felt so happy that I am in the path of marrying someone I love so much and coz I've always wanted to get married. I felt agitated about how the house and setting looks like, with me upstairs and relying on my other sisters to make it look good. Good enough for my fussy standards. I felt nervous about the new Mak Andam Kak Dudi recommended, coz I didn't want to look overmade and crazy. I felt happy for Mak, for finally starting the ball rolling again in the family. My best friends all came, minus Parveen, Runiz and Marina, but that's OK, they can come for the wedding (they better)

Alhamdulillah, despite my wacko thoughts, I think it went well. Abe said that his family was happy and my family was certainly happy, and I think that's all that matters right? I think the setting was how I wanted it to be, the make up was a teeny bit crazy, but I looked good on photo, so I guess that's about right then, and Ayah Sulong of course did his job well. After all, there's about 10 of us cousins, and mostly he had to play the elderly role. Abe looked handsome in his pink shirt and khakis :)

The elderlies decided on few things; we are to get married in Feb 2017, hantaran of RMXXXXX, and 5 to 7 dulang. All as discussed with Abe. Photo sessions turned out superb thanks to Nita and Na, and everyone had a great time taking pictures with me. Yours truly forgot how tiring it was at that time, until night fell, and the exhaustion crept in. Adrenaline gets you hyped up I guess. I'm now in my second week post engagement, still getting used to wearing a ring everyday, and Alhamdulillah Abe has been such a great support to my emotional turbulence lately. I don't know if its my hormones, the way things are with my current job, or if its the dreaded 'darah manis' situation. Hope all goes well till February, may everything goes smoothly as planned. Ameen

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Ramadhan Kareem Sahur

The Awesome and Gorgeous ADs decided that Iftar was too mainstream...and decided to wake up for sahur our jammies..I didn't exactly come in mine, of course, for reasons :p

Brought along Na, since it was at 3am. Had great fun even though most of us were 3/4 awake and eyes so red. Nora managed to down 2 nasi lemak and 2 pieces of chicken. But I guess baru worth the effort of coming down all the way from Shah Alam. Shuk brought along Sabrina from Bangi, whom we all love and has been made part of the group anyway. So we had 2 Sabrina sidekicks :) Missing Arnez who's in Germany and Kama who had set his alarm wrong and put his phone on silent..apala..may this friendship last forever and for more crazy sahur ideas in the future.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Happy Day

Its a good day today. My new toy got delivered to the office on time hence the update on my long lost blog (white 11in Dell which I adore). Job all done for the day, and will be having Japanese for dinner today with Marina, a colleague and close friend :)

Its been a while since my last post. I am now a much happier clam. InsyaAllah I have met the man of my dreams finally, and I think he may be reading this. Love you Abe.

More updates from now onwards, hopefully. Hmm..need to think of a name for this white baby. Happy Tuesday dear readers...if there's still any left :p

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Just Another Liar

A year has passed since my last post..been busy with work..and accessibility to this site has been a bitch coz i forgot my password.

So what's new with me? Well I just came back from my shopping holiday in Bangkok. But I'm not here to talk about me. I'm here to talk about a certain individual I would call Asshole. We dated since February..very fact unrealistic..but he was not working during the past 6 months so I guess it wasn't much of a problem for him..until he decided he wanted to move on to another girl. He's been trying to get this girl for years..liked every one of her posts on FB..just like a little teenage boy hungry for attention. Jus few weeks ago..he got an offer from the open up his Ducati business, so he posted it up promote..and just like that she started to respond. I would say she's a gold digger..but that's just my humble opinion.

Anyway..we argued and argued a lot lately over her and I decided to call ot quits when he decided to declare to the world that he's going out with her on FB. This happened the night before I flew off to Bangkok. I was in shock and was devastated over the weekend, until a girl messaged me just tonight. She is his girlfriend since 2012 and they are still dating, even when he was actively dating me. How sick is that. You see..he's not well..had kidney transplant about 6 yrs ago, has a foot injury from his motorcycle he seemed to be coming from a good family, the way he showed his love to his I guess both of us fell in love with the softer side of him and therefore even though he bullies us to the core..screamed at us for asking too many questions (even questions not related to anything in particular..for example..have you tried that restaurant?) He'd get MAD of I asked anything at the wrong time.

I called it quit after 6 mths..we had our 6th month anniversary dinner last week and I saw through his glasses reflection of Badoo or Tinder..happily swiping his next victim..right in the middle of the so called anniversary..I don't know how the girl could last for 3 yrs with his playboy act. The last they went out was 2 weeks ago but he was on cloud 9 coz that was the week the new girl started to respond. I last saw him on Saturday for breakfast and he went out with the new girl that night. Nasty aye..and worst part is, the new girl told me its actually not their first date. Anyway..knowing all these things..I am actually soo glad that I am no longer part of the equation. I told the new girl about the girlfriend just now, so lets see how the plot thickens :)

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Nice weekend

feels like a gazillion years since I last wrote..I've finally moved on to a new job..interesting what I do..but maybe I'll share about it in another far..its been great :) I've not met my bestfriend for a long time..mostly my fault..been busy trying to be good at what I do..been busy with new, watching movies..been too busy to have lunch outside has been interesting though..went to Singapore couple of days ago..just for a night..called up an old chat buddy, asked him out..had a short but very nice date..I know 'nice' is such a bad description of when people ask, hows your food? err ok..but yeah, I don't really know how to describe it gentleman, had great 2 hrs of conversation and good food..but not much of a chatter afterwards..probably not a good sign?or probably I'm just over-thinking it..anyway..tomorrow's a working day..its the fasting month and I cant't fast, but can't eat or drink either, just coz its weird to openly tell people I'm having my period and can't fast..Salam Ramadhan all..forgive me for any wrongdoings..if any ;)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A fine Sunday on Tuesday

Salam Maulidurrasul...had such a glorious day that I felt I needed to write about it..woke up late on purpose..which was heavenly..seeing as to how I worked so hard over the weekend..spring cleaned her majesty's room..handbag and clothes wardrobe..stuffs on the floor..clothes in 2 laundry can't imagine how semak it could get in here..packed some clothes for my Friday trip to Yogjakarta..washed my huge pile of dirty tudungs..wrote a short, professional yet sweet resignation to be passed on tomorrow..or rather later today..had lunch with mak in our jammies since last night :) and finally cleaned myself up to meet up with the girls near Changkat..we finally get to try Feeka..a pretty little cafe..that's out of cakes or pastries..even though we arrived at 5! I'll just assume then that they're good?  (or they're just bad at budgeting) But the coffee is worth a try..had a cafe latte..good and strong..felt we walked down the road to 5blas..went there few nights ago..only to be disappointed coz its closed then..we were far from unhappy this time though..when we ordered Uncle John's Ayam Ponteh..Omelette Cencalok..Kangkung Belacan and his special Meehoon Goreng..aside from all the stories he shared with us during our time there (3.75 hrs to be exact)..I so love this place and this definitely coming back for more..he even gave us karipap, sago gula melaka and ice kacang for free..we look forward to go to his next restaurant debuting in March on Heritage Row..and the name? 5puluh..baba can cook :))