Sunday, June 29, 2014

Nice weekend

feels like a gazillion years since I last wrote..I've finally moved on to a new job..interesting what I do..but maybe I'll share about it in another far..its been great :) I've not met my bestfriend for a long time..mostly my fault..been busy trying to be good at what I do..been busy with new, watching movies..been too busy to have lunch outside has been interesting though..went to Singapore couple of days ago..just for a night..called up an old chat buddy, asked him out..had a short but very nice date..I know 'nice' is such a bad description of when people ask, hows your food? err ok..but yeah, I don't really know how to describe it gentleman, had great 2 hrs of conversation and good food..but not much of a chatter afterwards..probably not a good sign?or probably I'm just over-thinking it..anyway..tomorrow's a working day..its the fasting month and I cant't fast, but can't eat or drink either, just coz its weird to openly tell people I'm having my period and can't fast..Salam Ramadhan all..forgive me for any wrongdoings..if any ;)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A fine Sunday on Tuesday

Salam Maulidurrasul...had such a glorious day that I felt I needed to write about it..woke up late on purpose..which was heavenly..seeing as to how I worked so hard over the weekend..spring cleaned her majesty's room..handbag and clothes wardrobe..stuffs on the floor..clothes in 2 laundry can't imagine how semak it could get in here..packed some clothes for my Friday trip to Yogjakarta..washed my huge pile of dirty tudungs..wrote a short, professional yet sweet resignation to be passed on tomorrow..or rather later today..had lunch with mak in our jammies since last night :) and finally cleaned myself up to meet up with the girls near Changkat..we finally get to try Feeka..a pretty little cafe..that's out of cakes or pastries..even though we arrived at 5! I'll just assume then that they're good?  (or they're just bad at budgeting) But the coffee is worth a try..had a cafe latte..good and strong..felt we walked down the road to 5blas..went there few nights ago..only to be disappointed coz its closed then..we were far from unhappy this time though..when we ordered Uncle John's Ayam Ponteh..Omelette Cencalok..Kangkung Belacan and his special Meehoon Goreng..aside from all the stories he shared with us during our time there (3.75 hrs to be exact)..I so love this place and this definitely coming back for more..he even gave us karipap, sago gula melaka and ice kacang for free..we look forward to go to his next restaurant debuting in March on Heritage Row..and the name? 5puluh..baba can cook :))

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Life on Pause. Lets Play Now

A year passed. A year of nonstop work, 1 wk off to Aussie and few weekends of home deco. And that's all. I realised this last night, when I was trying to put up a status on FB. Worked my ass off..over weekends, till 2am..but all they wanted was actually for me to sing and get noticed coz the boss loves music..

I need to get my life put together this year; go to work, and get home by 7pm
I need to get a new job or go for my PhD
I need to go umrah
I need to take diving license
I need to finish up my house
I need to get healthy
I need to go to Cambodia

InsyaAllah...I will enjoy year 2014... fingers crossed