Monday, February 07, 2011

Warning to All Ladies in Pursuit of Life Long Partner

Some may think that what I'm about to share is shameful. I've been through too many things, I don't even blink when you talk about any types of failed relationships. At this age, everyone knows how aunts would hover over you on marriage, as much as they can. Their starting lines ; 'We're concerned' 'You're a pretty and successful lady, men are so dumb nowaday' 'Are you OK? You don't look too well...' yada yada. And there's always advices here and there, especially on how I should work on it, how I should be open to everyone, don't be picky...

You know what? I don't have a lineup of guys, just waiting to be picked. I don't just sit and look pretty, awaiting for my knight to come. I don't appreciate anyone's concern and advices on how to look for men. In fact, I feel like slapping anyone that even comes near to starting a conversation on how to...

Among my friends, I'm proud to say that I've dated enough for 2 to 3. I've tried speed dating. I've dated all races of Malaysia and more. I've even signed up on matrimonal sites and dating sites. Latest I signed up for was OkCupid. First look at it; very promising. Just after a day of signup, I got 4 emails already. I was open; I said Hi back and so forth. I even went out with few of the guys who seemed nice.

Then came Mark Davidson; a man who had lost his wife six years ago, the only son to a Scottish lady, and he lives in London. Dad had passed away, and he is conveniently without children. He's 47, pleasant looking and he knows how to speak to a lady. We started with emailing then came the daily calls and love emails. Within a week, he fell in love with me, I'm sunshine to his otherwise dead soul. I didn't believe this, its impossible for anyone to fall that quickly. He had a funny accent, unlike the Scottish, English or Cockney accents I'm used to, with my customers. This was one of the second thing I sensed wrong. A month goes by, and his mom called, to know how I feel for him. She was coughing, so I told my concerns to Mark. He was in Iraq for business at that time, and tried to provide her some money to go to the hospital, but couldn't coz he couldn't find any banks in Iraq. Third bull. He asks for my help to wire her GBP2000. Thanks to my genius instincts and acting skills, I acted as if I wanted to help him, so i asked him for his hotel details, so I could locate a reliable bank around the area. And in that moment, his friend decided to help pitch in. He was conveniently in London.

He continues to call and email me love letters, and I started to fall for him, even though deep in my heart, I know I should be cautious coz of what had happened. Few weeks pass, and he decided to take it to the next level; to meet mom and proclaim his love with marriage. He decided to come over. Confirms for today, 7/2/10 to fly over from London, and landing at 10am. I asked for flight itenary; he keeps on stalling, saying he's so busy, coz he'll be leaving the office for a month to be in Malaysia. I wanted to book his hotel, he says he didn't want to bother me too much. I didn't want to think too much, so I let it go. This morning, I checked with KLIA on arrivals, and his flight was supposed to arrive at 7am. He didn't call till 10am, saying that he thought I was in Penang, so he took the next flight to Penang, from KLIA. Upon arrival, he was stopped by customs, coz he brought in GBP40k (initially the custom officer said GBP40, but when I told her its ridiculous to stop someone for that amount of money, she change to add the thousand) and expired license for business. I asked to speak to the custom officer, and he asked her to call me. She called using her mobile (which would have been expensive, and no one would do that for a total stranger) and explained these offences. I got so annoyed at how she is unable to explain thoroughly, and how she keeps insisting that she didn't need to help, but felt that she wanted to, since she pitied Mark. After many attempts at getting her to speak (I even said sorry for raising my voice; he asked me to, since she wouldn't speak to me, and I was risking him being deported forever) she finally put a price of RM10k for compound payment. This is when I confirmed that its was all a frame up. I spoke to him about this, and he went crazy and said I was forcing him to report to embassy, and he won't be able to come back to Malaysia, and I was destroying what we built. I told him to go ahead do whatever he wants to, and I will call Penang customs to verify her existance. I did, and found out that it was all a drama. She doesn't exist in the office, there is no such thing as a customs retaining room, and they never detain anyone for those 2 offences. Customs would only detain the cash and whatever things not declared.

He called twice after that, but I decided not to pick up. I just wanted to break clean off this sick drama. I don't know why some people would do this to anyone, but I do hope this wouldn't happen to any of my friends and relatives. Do be careful.