Sunday, June 29, 2014

Nice weekend

feels like a gazillion years since I last wrote..I've finally moved on to a new job..interesting what I do..but maybe I'll share about it in another far..its been great :) I've not met my bestfriend for a long time..mostly my fault..been busy trying to be good at what I do..been busy with new, watching movies..been too busy to have lunch outside has been interesting though..went to Singapore couple of days ago..just for a night..called up an old chat buddy, asked him out..had a short but very nice date..I know 'nice' is such a bad description of when people ask, hows your food? err ok..but yeah, I don't really know how to describe it gentleman, had great 2 hrs of conversation and good food..but not much of a chatter afterwards..probably not a good sign?or probably I'm just over-thinking it..anyway..tomorrow's a working day..its the fasting month and I cant't fast, but can't eat or drink either, just coz its weird to openly tell people I'm having my period and can't fast..Salam Ramadhan all..forgive me for any wrongdoings..if any ;)