Tuesday, January 29, 2008

2 more days...
i'm so in a daze...
no work, just you dear blog, facebook and email...
to keep me occupied and sane...
oh how 2 more days seem like eternity...
when you have nothing to do but act busy...
i could do so much more out there...
go shopping, do some baking, fix my hair...
but no...i'm stuck here for another 2 days...

AJL 2007

Yours truly was lucky indeed, to have a sis who has a friend who's a cousin at TV3 (mouthful? hehe..) Had a great time; live music is always a pleasure, good company (my sisters n her friend) and great seats, what more could I ask for (sitting amongst the celebs OK) and of course we couldn't pass the opportunity of this by not taking pix with them. Btw...I think Estranged was fantastic, Jaclyn and Lah was superb! Check these out! Oh yeah...did I mention?This is the new me 2008, for those who hasn't seen me since 1/1/2008. Yes, Han...it's gonna stay :)

Na and I at our seats; waiting...

I'd go to their concert anytime...Very talented lot from Sabah; Estranged

Jaclyn and Lah's goosebumpy performance..flawless..

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Worth mentioning is one of the things that got me distracted a few weeks back, from any updates. This baby is now already on the road, and I'm proud to say that I was one of the few hundred leading contributors to its birth. The New Proton Saga is as good as its said, and I'm beaming that Paul Tan is finally happy with what my company produces. Its not easy to build up a car from scratch (only 11 companies in the world does that) and definitely an eye-raiser, to know and to endure the 17-month development. But with hard work, and very clever planning, the Saga proves that anything is possible.

My Prayers with You

Someone close to heart is going to endure the same or even more major operation than yours truly had, about 2 years ago. She has a family of 3 lovely children, and is a beloved daughter of an angel. Please pray for her well-being, and pray that it is nothing but very minor. I'm so scared of what could happen, but am putting on a brave face for the angel's sake.

Sleeping Partner

After a 2-day stint of crazy bed-ridden fever, I am now sleeping late but peacefully, with a certain someone, who I find has a lot in common with. Who might this be, you wonder. Well, the initial is somewhat similar to Jaafar Onn..haha..This certain someone is blond, very cute, talks with a certain gibberish accent, married however, but nevertheless a celebrity. There's also a lady, lounging on my dresser; with great fashion sense and an obsession for shoes. Well, I could really smile now, knowing that my sleeping partner is none other than Jamie Oliver, and Sarah Jessica Parker is now my current favorite perfume; Lovely. Jamie's brilliant, and whenever I read his book, I could just imagine it coming from the horse's mouth, the language so real and the recipes al so fantastically simple yet delish. Lovely is as its name, Lovely and well suited to its creator's sense of taste and style. I don't know if that's me though, but I do know that its refreshing and clean and it reminds me of the first few minutes of stepping out of the hot shower. Thank you dearest for the lovely lovely things, at just the right time. :)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Olyn Bakes Cupcakes

As some are aware, I sell cupcakes part time. This post is an updated version of the last post I made regarding my cupcakes, due to the current price increase for raw material. (Blame the government servants who get an absurdly high pay-rise recently and causing inflation) and because, as you could see, I have a new product line of Fondant Topping and chocolate cupcakes.

For orders, email me personally (puterilynne@yahoo.com), min of a week in advance (if sooner, just try email me, I'll try my best to satisfy you). Min order is 6pcs, and max of 150pcs.
I make only classic butter cupcakes and chocolate cupcakes, but with 4 types of toppings for you to mix and match:

1. Buttercream topping
2. Chocolate Ganache topping
3. Cheese topping
All are priced at RM1.50 (M) and RM2.50 (L)
For Fondant Topping, however, price depends on how extensive you want your deco to be. Price starts from RM2.00 to RM4.50. For the ones I show (I made these for my friends' birthday just recently) I'd charge only RM2.50 (M)

As before, please specify:
1. Your choice of color, pattern, theme, name of birthday indi etc.
2. Which topping you require.
3. Where you live (if you need delivery - extra charges for areas beyond KL)
4. Name and phone number, for easier communication :)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Food Review 0108 - Briani Power House

Set modestly in Section 13 Shah Alam, I'd give this place a second or third or fourth try for its delectable taste in Briani Gam. I had Briani Gam Ayam (taking extra care of myself, not to indulge in anymore of those yummylicious lamb - not good for your cholesterol Olyn!) My officemates took me for a farewell lunch today, there, and I was really happy with what they served. May have been one of the best Briani Gam I've tasted so far.

The rice was fluffy and rich tasting (I'd judge the rice, by tasting it on its own first, before taking it with the grave) with generous sprinkle of cashew nuts and Ghee. The chicken, however, is fried on its own (I think this is done maybe to avoid the chicken going bad) and gravy is added later, lightly tossed with the rice, and an extra dash on top of everything. Gravy was nice nice nice and you could even order extra gravy for that extra umph. I tasted a bit of the beef and lamb, and I'd really go for any of these next time. Both are very tender, and easy to cut and chew. Air Bandung is well recommended by my buddies, complete with a dash of Ice Cream Soda; just like how they do it in Johor (I usually have my Briani's with something sour and cool like Iced Lemon Tea to ease the richness of the food). All in all, very recommended.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Year, New Me

I realise that I have a lot of time nowadays, thanks to a leap in transition I'm going through currently (more of that when it happens). Happy New Year everyone, and may this year be a great year for all of us. I know for a fact that 2008 would see me all hyped up, and am looking forward to the days to come. A new year, many many new resolutions (which I don't think I'd share this year, so that it comes true) and many many many more challenges and happiness (I hope) to come very soon.

One thing I do wanna share out of all the resolutions I've managed to scribble in my little black book is....tak kuasa. Something that is not really 'Olyn' but a definite change that I'd like to acquire, come this new year. But don't take 'tak kuasa' as a negative thing. Tak kuasa can be very positive actually, depending on how I want to use it. I'm a Jenaton (something probably only my family could understand) and we are somehow genetically very sensitive towards so many things that sometimes this sensitivity ruins us in a lot of ways. Tak kuasa would oppose the Jenatonness in me, and I'd eagerly embrace this new change for the betterman of me. Bear with me and do tell me if I ever go overboard with 'tak kuasa' OK. Tak nak over lak..hehe

My definition of tak kuasa -
1. Tak kuasa nak memikirkan how others feel and act (call me Ms. I-want-only-world-peace).
2. Tak kuasa nak pening over even the smallest matter (which I usually do). I'd just open my trap and be done with it. Ask and get answers and apologize and be forgiven.
3. Tak kuasa nak ambik hati with whatever that anyone does to me.
4. Tak kuasa nak take everything to heart. Sometimes its just not about me, so Olyn, shut it and continue with life.
5. Tak kuasa nak explain myself too much. I'm tired.
6. Tak kuasa nak bergaduh with people. Another very tiring practice. (this excludes a person that I surely DO NOT wanna befriend ever again or look at even if I was born again 10 times).
7. Tak kuasa nak please people.

Not bad aye how powerful such a simple phrase could be...So hopefully you'll be seeing a more matured me from this year on. Happy New Year again!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Olyn Bakes

Olyn is currently very busy planning for a big project. Keep your heads up for what she has in store (literally)

About a Cupcake

KL was taken by the cupcake storm recently, and still is, so much so that a Cupcakery was actually born out of this insanity. I was driving alone, all over Mutiara Damansara, trying to make up my mind, to either go shopping (and risk being broke) in Ikea; there's always something to buy there...OR just go in and out of the shops in the Curve; or you'd call it window shopping. Anyway, I suddenly found myself gaping at a Cupcakery, and you'd ask, what the heck is that? Obviously, its a shop selling cupcakes (WOW!) and the shop is very very pretty...the font kinda reminds me of Delicious by Ms Read, and the overall concept is definitely Big Apple Donuts. With this, I got my answers, and parked straight into the Curve, and went stomping into the Cupcakery.

Cupcake Chic is definitely a must-go, but not necessarily a must-try (get what I mean?) They have so many flavors, I had pretty much spent about 10 minutes trying to choose my four cuppies (and they change their menu on occasion). They sell at RM4.50 apiece, pricey, but I guess if you have to calculate what you pay to get the shoplot they get, it's understandable, and the size is definitely an OK factor as well (unlike the ones you find at the Apartment; size - small, price - big) The big HOWEVER, however, is the taste. Quite disappointing after paying RM18 for such simple looking cuppies with very huge names. I chose the Belgian Choc (cake is dry), Mudcake (was told it was rich - not!mud..indeed...), Peaches and Cream (1 slice of peach..hmmm...) and Chocolate Cuppie with Cheese topping (I like the topping, as for the cake, please refer to the Belgian Choc review).. I can't recall the names of the cuppies (very cute names which would definitely put a smile to your face) All in all, I'd recommend everyone to try them out, but I'd like to know what you think of them as well.