Tuesday, June 23, 2009

getting younger and wiser

i always wondered how itd be like reaching 30...to be honest, nothing much has changed, thank goodness...i was 20 for 10 years you see, and well, besides being wiser in many ways (n more patient, i think), maybe there is also this itch now to live life to the fullest...one of the latest things ive added to my 'to do' list is to donate blood every year...ayah used to say that we could gain weight doing that, but i'll try first, coz im sure there's a blessing in every good deed that you do...hope u dont mind ayah...;)

what else has changed...hmmm...i care less about what people think of me...i do as i please, as long as it doesnt hurt anyone in d process...at this age, petty things like pleasing others is beyond me...i just dont give a shit anymore sometimes, so please dont take it to heart...not intentional, its just that my mind may be occupied with more important things...

somehow, some of my behavior has become younger, thanks to d crowd of people i work with now...theyre all mostly fresh grads, n were close, so i guess d aura is strong enough for me to absorb...turned back time? possibly...

i work hard, but i wont hurt myself anymore...moderation is key to everything successful, even islam emphasizes that...i realise this during d birthday weekend i spent holidaying in singapore...what holidays can do to you...holidays after that didnt quite change me, but last time i was away from work so long (after my op in 2005) i started wearing contacts, chopped off my hair, and began to wear makeup to work...next holiday in november, a long one; wonder what i'll change...

Monday, June 22, 2009

bloody monday

how can your monday get any worse, you think, by just being itself? well, my bad day started on d road this morning at 7.40am, when i saw a body, lying lifeless on the road, covered in blood-drenched white cloth..innalillah...drive safely peeps, and do whatever it takes to wake yourself up, even if it means 'drowning' (dont la do it literally plak) yourself in hard core caffeine...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

6 months In a Jiffy - continued

i remember now...few things after downloading pictures from my phone and camera. lets see:

11. last weekend i went to a grand grand wedding at d sime darby convension. my cousin's wedding i think (i didn't really know her, im more of a companion to mom) id like to marry here anyday...

12. went to a simple, classy and one of the most perfect wedding of all times; han's sister's (sarena) wedding at bora asmara, at kg. penchala. only 50 were invited, and when ure included in that 50, u know ure special...

13. at office there's only d 3 of us lady engineers and we're really close. one of us got half-hitched (engaged) to her man. congrats oli!

14. went to a weekend getway to pd with saza. with no plans whatsoever.

15. few picnics with mr. haziq as chairman, and this yr we found an even better spot; tasik asiajaya ( is that what its called?)

16. tanjung jara; unveiled, with parv n nik. gorgeous. honeymoon anyone?

17. mahsuri theatre at national theatres with runiz, nizam and om

18. lastly aishah's birthday at mcd with my trifle and kak aini's cheesecake for dessert.yummy! that's aishah on d left n oli (d newly engaged)

ala...that's it? not even 20? damn...should get more life..

my cuppies - baby shower

yes, im still baking those little suckers...im addicted, and loving every moment of decorating them...these were for a friend's order yesterday, for her friend's baby shower.


for this weekend, we tried out 2 new places - lunch of padang food at gombak (ill update later the name) and last nite dinner at sate station at kampung pandan. both excellent, but not so cheap.

the padang food, for example, but plate consisted of tunjang, begedil, 1/4 portion rice and ulam with sirap limau was rm7. but here, u could ask for a superb glass of avocado drink, so rich and yummy for only rm3.50.

sate station sells its sate at rm0.70 per piece, but for the ambiance, i dont mind paying extra. u'll feel like you're stepping into a grand open house (i felt like giving out salam when i stepped into the area). you have a choice of either going into d tradisional (but grand) malay home, and sit cross legged and eating on low tables, or in the lawn, where you'll be greeted with fresh laid tablecloth and clean beautiful lawn. kids love it there, outside in the open (i didnt particularly like the screaming of them though; they were too at home) besides sate, their specialty is mee rebus and apple juice with asam boi. anyway, d waiters are really well trained, and u could see that d owner is very detail even to food presentation..a must-try! if u're not sure where it is, call them at 03-9284 6607 or ask me :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

6 months In a Jiffy

what has been occupying my time all this while? i wonder too, actually. there's the same habit of not doing anything after work till late nite, and hopping into bed early (but sometimes late, still not doing anything so significant). there's all those nites, of course, that i go to gym, and coming back flat, and straight to bed..well...which leaves me to only my weekends, which has been nothing but busy busy busy.

january...ther was hanoi..february..hmm..cant rmmbr..d following months...still cant rmmbr...may initiated d birthday month for d geminis in my family...my sis nita's was on 27/5, then there was my cousins' birthdays on 4/6 and 5/6, my birthday on 6/6, nik's birthday on 7/6 and mom's birthday on 8/6..a colleague's birthday on 12/6, and today's nell's birthday!! see what i mean? anyway...this month is definitely a pokai month...for my ##th birthday, myself and saza went to singapore to join nik on scotts. that was an excellent weekend indeed. this birthday, i got myself crocs in singapore, i love shopping there for its branded stuffs..i wana go again, jomm saza..and i got many many lovely birthday presents from my loves...thanks guys..

apparently, since i dont hav much of a memory, ill jot 10 stuffs that i rmmbr;

1. went to my first big bad book sale..nik brought me, it was superb, and i cant wait to go again!
2. my cooking business was on hold from january till just recently
3. im kinda in an air asia shopping spree now..im not gona tell yet where im going, wait n see
4. ive been working like a dog, every penny in my account is beyond halal
5. ive been working out, im just half way done, another half year to go to reach my stars
6. ive been dating few people like im 18 again, n im loving it
7. im happy now, dunno why, maybe just the damn adrenaline
8. found the best looking bakery ive ever seen - the bread shop
9. my condo is almost 2 storey high already, another 15 stories to go to reach my floor
10. i had d best looking gym instructor in my gym

oo well...i tried..hehe..ill write more sense in my next post, i promise...consider this a warm up ok...:p

Im Back and Staying

Dear Blog,

Its been about 6 months since the last time I've blogged. Very unfair of me to treat you this way. You've been a kind companion when I was alone, and you've always been a good listener through my ups too. So I pledge, to continue this writing of mine, so that my passion of writing would not only left bound in my diary, but also shared with everyone. You have 1 person to thank to, for making me want to write again, and that is Huda, who had commented on my last post on Hanoi, just last week. Love you Huda, and love you my online diary.

Hugs & Kisses