Tuesday, August 09, 2016

I Got Engaged

Dear Diary,

A dear kind man finally came and got me hooked to him, and we got engaged recently on 31 July 2016. That date is exactly 6 months since we met online. It was an emotional day for me. I felt the loss of not having Ayah around and being skeptical of how my uncle would do as Mak's representative. I felt so happy that I am in the path of marrying someone I love so much and coz I've always wanted to get married. I felt agitated about how the house and setting looks like, with me upstairs and relying on my other sisters to make it look good. Good enough for my fussy standards. I felt nervous about the new Mak Andam Kak Dudi recommended, coz I didn't want to look overmade and crazy. I felt happy for Mak, for finally starting the ball rolling again in the family. My best friends all came, minus Parveen, Runiz and Marina, but that's OK, they can come for the wedding (they better)

Alhamdulillah, despite my wacko thoughts, I think it went well. Abe said that his family was happy and my family was certainly happy, and I think that's all that matters right? I think the setting was how I wanted it to be, the make up was a teeny bit crazy, but I looked good on photo, so I guess that's about right then, and Ayah Sulong of course did his job well. After all, there's about 10 of us cousins, and mostly he had to play the elderly role. Abe looked handsome in his pink shirt and khakis :)

The elderlies decided on few things; we are to get married in Feb 2017, hantaran of RMXXXXX, and 5 to 7 dulang. All as discussed with Abe. Photo sessions turned out superb thanks to Nita and Na, and everyone had a great time taking pictures with me. Yours truly forgot how tiring it was at that time, until night fell, and the exhaustion crept in. Adrenaline gets you hyped up I guess. I'm now in my second week post engagement, still getting used to wearing a ring everyday, and Alhamdulillah Abe has been such a great support to my emotional turbulence lately. I don't know if its my hormones, the way things are with my current job, or if its the dreaded 'darah manis' situation. Hope all goes well till February, may everything goes smoothly as planned. Ameen