Tuesday, February 27, 2007


There's nothing like a pick-me-up-song for days like these. Been kinda busy lately, and my eyes and skin are being extra demonstrative in that matter. And the thought of having no more public holidays for the next two months doesn't help either. All I could think of right now is the 10-hour sleep I had last night, and hope to repeat tonight. Totally lethargic now, longing for sweet euphoria. Chris Cornell on my mind...lalala...
Dark as roses, fine as sand
Feel your healing and your sting again
Hear your laughing and my soul is saved
On forgotten graves you cry
Crawl like ivy up my spine
Through my nerves and into my eyes
Cuts like anguish or recollection
Of better days gone by
But it's alright when you're all in pain
And you feel the rain come down
It's alright when you find your way
Then you see it disappear
It's alright though your garden's gray
I know all your graces
Someday will flower in a sweet sunshower
Eyes like oceans, so far away
A feather trail to a better way
Worried mornings turn into days
Then into worried nights
But it's alright all you'll be you are today

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

CNY(Crazy New Year)

I had a blessedly good weekend recently, thanks to the extended 2 day-holiday for Chinese New Year. I didn't get to go to Kemaman to lepak with the Kemamang gang and bits and pieces of 'The 8 of Us' as practised for the past 2 years. But I did go to Ipoh and Cameron Highlands with my family. Everything was fantastic, except of course the jam that we had to go through! We were patiently in a crawling line with the rest of the Ipoh Mali gang for 9 bloody hours!! Even that is considered OK. A friend only reached Ipoh in 12 hours!!!Ayoo...I've never been on the road with the rest of the balik kampong clans, but we had no choice recently due to my aunt's wedding there. Thank God though the occasion is only scheduled the next day.

Anyway, the wedding was really worth the effort. I met so many unfamiliar faces that are apparently my Tok's sister, Ayah's cousins and many many of Nenek's relatives. We took so many photos and had so much to talk about, it was hard to depart. Cameron Highlands was a also life saver. I needed this break so much, I welcomed the cold temperature the place offers. I did not anticipate, however, more traffic jams. The journey should have only taken about 1.5 hours, but we managed to reach there after a tiring 3 hours drive from Ipoh. Penat seh...We didn't shop much as well, coz it would take too much effort to go from one point to another. But Mak managed to get her long-sought Rosemary, I got myself a potted flower power (I can't remember the name :p) and lots of vege. And yesterday was a heavenly resting day. Nice...


Its sad sometimes when you see how people manage stress. Just this morning, the headlines in Yahoo! yelled out on Britney gone bald! Poor girl. She's been in and outta love, clubs and parties, just to grab the headlines (more like sidelines) after her second failed marriage. Its good that in the end, she finally admitted herself to a rehab (only after she'd shaven her head and had tatto on her neck and wrist). But I think many out there are puzzled onto how to manage stress, and in thinking they are successful in coping with stress, they outdo their ability by being what they are not. Some gets the indication of being stressed on their BP (had that once), which is actually pretty lucky, coz then you'd know that something was wrong. Here's a 101 ways on how to cope with stress. As starters, I strongly urge the miracle of praying to God.

Get up 15 minutes earlier
Prepare for the morning the night before
Avoid tight fitting clothes
Avoid relying on chemical aids
Set appointments ahead
Don't rely on your memory ... write it down
Practice preventive maintenance
Make duplicate keys
Say "no" more often
Set priorities in your life
Avoid negative people
Use time wisely
Simplify meal times
Always make copies of important papers
Anticipate your needs
Repair anything that doesn't work properly
Ask for help with the jobs you dislike
Break large tasks into bite size portions
Look at problems as challenges
Look at challenges differently
Unclutter your life
Be prepared for rain
Tickle a baby
Pet a friendly dog/cat
Don't know all the answers
Look for a silver lining
Say something nice to someone
Teach a kid to fly a kite
Walk in the rain
Schedule play time into every day
Take a bubble bath
Be aware of the decisions you make
Believe in yourself
Stop saying negative things to yourself
Visualize yourself winning
Develop your sense of humor
Stop thinking tomorrow will be a better today
Have goals for yourself
Dance a jig
Say "hello" to a stranger
Ask a friend for a hug
Look up at the stars
Practice breathing slowly
Learn to whistle a tune
Read a poem
Listen to a symphony
Watch a ballet
Read a story curled up in bed
Do a brand new thing
Stop a bad habit
Buy yourself a flower
Take time to small the flowers
Find support from others
Ask someone to be your "vent-partner"
Do it today
Work at being cheerful and optimistic
Put safety first
Do everything in moderation
Pay attention to your appearance
Strive for Excellence NOT perfection
Stretch your limits a little each day
Look at a work of art
Hum a jingle
Maintain your weight
Plant a tree
Feed the birds
Practice grace under pressure
Stand up and stretch
Always have a plan "B"
Learn a new doodle
Memorize a joke
Be responsible for your feelings
Learn to meet your own needs
Become a better listener
Know your limitations and let others know them, too
Tell someone to have a good day in pig Latin
Throw a paper airplane
Exercise every day
Learn the words to a new song
Get to work early
Clean out one closet
Play patty cake with a toddler
Go on a picnic
Take a different route to work
Leave work early (with permission)
Put air freshener in your car
Watch a movie and eat popcorn
Write a note to a far away friend
Go to a ball game and scream
Cook a meal and eat it by candlelight
Recognize the importance of unconditional love
Remember that stress is an attitude
Keep a journal
Practice a monster smile
Remember you always have options
Have a support network of people, places and things
Quit trying to fix other people
Get enough sleep
Talk less and listen more
Freely praise other people

He's 1 Week Old!

This post is long overdue...Reason being - none, but I know that I am now a proud Godmother to Haziq Danial, sharing him with the other 6 Fairy Godmothers. He's 1 week old today, and I'm sure he's getting taller and stronger by the minute. Last week when I visited you, dear, you looked so adorably at ease in the tight fitting wrap your Nenek enveloped you in. Here's a bit of something for you.

A wee bit of heaven
drifted down from above -
A handful of happiness,
a heartful of love.

The mystery of life,
so sacred and sweet -
The giver of joy
so deep and complete.

Precious and priceless,
so lovable, too -
The world's sweetest miracle,
baby, is you.

-by Helen Steiner Rice

I hope for a good boy, from the day you are born till the end of time.
I hope for a good boy, letting your parents have their much needed sleep from time to time.
I hope for a good boy, growing up into a well-learnt gentleman.
I hope for a good boy, whom respects his Maker, and loves his parent.
I hope for a good boy, who would cherish life as much as he possibly can.
I hope for a good boy, who would grasp every opportunity at hand.
I hope and pray for you dear boy, for a bright future, a happy life, countless blessings and endless love.
-by Amateur Me

Thursday, February 15, 2007

I'm Sheep!

I don't actually believe in horoscope (even though I get weekly updates from Yahoo! and I just love to read them for leisure) but I can't help but search for my luck in this year's Year of the Red Pig (oink oink..ahaks!) Its pretty good this year for all Sheep clans like myself, so I'm hoping for that to be quite true. Lets just wait and see shall we? Chinese New Year is just around the corner, which gives me plenty of resting time from Saturday till Tuesday next week (yay!). My aunt (Ayah's lil sis) is getting married to her loved one this Sunday, so the whole bunch from KL are all going to face the anticipated hellish traffic jam to Ipoh. I'm keeping my fingers nicely crossed, and hope for the best for this Sheep on wheels.

Horoscope for the Sheep

1979 Jan 28 to Feb 15, 1980 : Earth Sheep

The astral climate of 2007 will be favorable to Goats financially, primarily due to their wise cutting of expenses. Traveling is beneficial to your family relations now. Strive for peaceful and content relations with in laws. Goat natives are magnetic in 2007 and will not lack for admirers. Accept social invitations and actively seek out the company of others. Try your romantic luck with a "receptive Rabbit", a "Horse hottie" or a "perfectly perverted Pig." Romance, partnerships and home comforts are highlighted this year. Your creative talents never fail you-- let that imagination of yours soar while under the lucky auspices of the Pig.
Monthly Rating:JAN **FEB ***MAR ****APR *MAY **JUNE ****JULY **AUG *SEPT **OCT **NOV ****DEC *

p.s.: any perfectly perverted pigs around???haha

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Recipe 11: Tomato Sandwich

Happy Valentine's Day!!! Gave out kisses to all my dearest friends in the office today (Hershey's Kisses ok...), and got a few tomatoes from another friend (don't ask why). What I got reminds me of a type of sandwich that Norleen once taught me in college, and I love them still. Her mom used to make them for her during her school years, and I think its a good practise for all moms to do the same. Very healthy, and the combination of the ingredients somehow compliments the sweet and soury tomato taste. Yummy!

Fresh tomatoes (sliced thinly)
a pinch of salt
a dash of black pepper

Spread butter onto bread. Arrange tomatoes onto butter bread, add salt and pepper.

Monday, February 12, 2007


I love this song. I nearly sang it for my uni's Final Year Dinner (but replaced it with Angel by Sarah Machlaclan and Crusing by Gwyneth Paltrow) but today, I can't seem to remember how to sing it. I do not know any other songs by Dixie Chicks, but they really made this song special with their own melodious touch. Han, we used to sing this together, ingat tak?

I took my love and I took it down
I climbed a mountain and I turned around
And I saw my reflection in the snow covered hills
Well the landslide brought me down

Oh, mirror in the sky
What is love
Can the child within my heart rise above
Can I sail thru the changing ocean tides
Can I handle the seasons of my life

Well, I've been afraid of changing 'cause I built my life around you
But time makes you bolder
Children get older
I'm getting older too

Well, I've been afraid of changing 'cause I built my life around you
But time makes you bolder
Children get older
I'm getting older, too
Well I'm getting older too

So, take this love and take it down
Year and if you climb a mountain and ya turn around
And if you see my reflection in the snow-covered hills
Well the landslide brought me down
And if you see my reflection in the snow-covered hills
Well maybe
Well maybe
Well maybe the landslide will bring you down
You Are Marge Simpson

You're a devoted family member who loves unconditionally.

Sometimes, though, you dream about living a wild secret life!

You will be remembered for: your good cooking and evading the police

Your life philosophy: "You should listen to your heart, and not the voices in your head."

Chantek Spa

Yesterday, I was invited for a grand opening of my cousin, Safia's spa, Chantek Spa located conveniently at Ampang. We had a session with the experts from Felisa (the main facial product used here), a briefing by Safia herself on the spa facilities and a makeup demo by the Felisa rep. Last but not least, we were spoiled rotten with the delicious hi-tea provided by the host. My mom didn't miss a chance at having her very first facial (free pulak tuh!) and she loved the attention she got from the beautician. She immediately vowed that she'd want that kind of pampering every month, from now on. My aunt had the complementary Foot Soak and she was so high, she was practically drooling!

Felisa products are only used for their facial (Felisa products use fruits as their basic ingredients, and are made specialized for individual needs - problem skin, normal skin etc) , and for the rest of the spa treatments, herbs and natural ingredients from the Southeast Asia region are used, so there's no need to worry about any side effects besides having the confidence of being treated by experts in the field!

The price of treatments here is very very reasonable, and if you're early, you may be lucky enough to get booked in this first few months of its opening promotion. I'm taking a few friends over for a spa treatment of Mandi Lulur, Mandi Susu(yum yum) and Full Body Massage maybe next week or in another 2 weeks. Looking forward to that!

check out the first page (full page under construction) at: http://chantek-spa.com/

Friday, February 09, 2007

Shady Baby

At long last...My car is tinted! I think it looks even more adorably ganas now...huhu...I chose a metalic blue hue, to match its silver bluish body color. I even threw in a strip of black shade on the windshield. Much better now.

Wonder if I'm really getting that BodyKit the irritating salesman promised me by next week. Asal call je, "InsyaAllah next week ye Kak"..That's another issue that I hate when dealing with Malays (I'm Malay fyi)...The wrongly used term of 'InsyaAllah'...Hello...'InsyaAllah' means 'dengan izin Allah', bukannya 'maybe' or 'kalau saya ada masa' or 'tengokla...saya malas nak layan awak, tapi cakap je la InsyaAllah nak sedapkan ati awak' tau tak...Geram tol. Bukan InsyaAllah namanye kalau dah nak setahun janji. Bole?

Tapi kali ni kalau tak dapat gak, it'll go straight to the COE (Centre Of Excellence...haha...boleh tak???) management. I work in Proton, and I really support Proton in every way I can because I know how much effort we throw in, in making each and every car you see on the road, but these buggers really know how to turn me off. Agak melampau la kan...Lets just see...

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Your Porn Star Name Is...

Spanky Bottoms

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

You Are Most Like Carrie!

You're quirky, flirty, and every guy's perfect first date.
But can the guy in question live up to your romantic ideal?
It's tough for you to find the right match - you're more than a little picky.
Never fear... You've got a great group of friends and a
great closet of clothes, no matter what!

Romantic prediction: You'll fall for someone this year...

Totally different from any guy you've dated.

Google Mania

Discovered this when I google-searched my own name. Cool aye...

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

1-10 of Everything...Well...Almost...

Out of total boredom and being the rebellious me, I was reading through several friends' blogs, and I think I just must do this NOW! Got this from Bosh :p

1. First Best Friend : Tan Ai Lee, my very first bestfriend in Standard 5. Kinda hard for me to get one earlier coz we moved a lot
2. First item you stole : Eraser from KOPETRO, UTP..huhu
3. First pet : Kitty and Bobby, two fat stray Tabby we made our own
4. First piercing : Just the ears when I was 8
5. First school : BBGS
6. First house location : Taman Bunga Raya, Setapak
7. First Crush : Kindergarten. Can't remember his name tapi masa tuh rasa cam sangat amazing mamat nih boleh buat cartwheel and sommersault. Konon macho aa masa tuh. Sume girls minat
8. First Kiss : Since I was born...Mak and Ayah :p
9. First Car : Wira 1.3M/T Marroon Colour
10. Tatau soalan apa...

1. Last time you smoked : Shisha kat kedai mamak jek...Tingin nak try
2. Last food you ate : Sausages and Egg
3. Last movie you watched on DVD at home : The Covanent
4. Last movie you watched at the cinema : Berbagi Suami...Didn't like it much...
5. Last text message : Nak address Mak angkat leh?
6. Last music video you saw : Tenacious D -Tribute...crazy stuff..haha
7. Last song you listened to : Nelly Furtado - Say It Rite
8. Last words you said : Work related - I'm sure you do not wanna know
9. Tatau soalan apa gak...

1. Dated a bestfriend : Yes
2. Been arrested : Almost
3. Been on TV : Yes. I sang as a fan of Jewel at her concert
4. Eaten sushi : Yes
5. Cheated on your spouse : No. Naive me
6. Been on a blind date : Yes
7. Been out of the country : Yes
8. Been in love : Yes

1. Proton shirt
2. Brown pants
3. Heels
4. Contact lenses
5. A Watch
6. Undergarments of course
7. Perfume

1. Chatted with Mr. Left Neighbor on how Mama2 and Abang2 dress daily...hehe...sesi kutuk
2. Released the final drawings to be released by today
3. Had breakkie with long lost friend, not planned, but it was good
4. Emailed to several people regarding work
5. Cooked my own breakfast - sausage and egg
6. Help Mr. Right Neighbor with his work a bit

1. Hanging out with my best friends
2. Go holiday with my family
3. Lepak in cafes. Favs are Coffee Bean and Starbucks
4. BodyJam every Wednesday
5. Karaoke and singing in front of an audience. Haven't done these for a long time...

1. My family
2. My best friends
3. Some good friends at the office
4. No one else kot

1. Be a good Muslim
2. Get married to someone I love and have beautiful children
3. Be happy

1. Vanilla or Chocolate : Chocolate
2. Rock or Rap : Rock

1. Already done that :)

Monday, February 05, 2007

Recipe 10: Olyn's Salad

Sorta Italian and French mixed dressing.

Salad Ingredients:
Lettuce assortments
Cherry Tomatoes (wedged)
Onions (sliced)
Hard-boiled Eggs (sliced or wedged- whichever of preference)
Olives (sliced)

Dressing Ingredients:
1/2 cup olive oil
1/4 cup Mayonnaise
1 lime
5 olives (chopped)
a dash of Italian Mixed herbs
salt and black pepper to taste

Dressing Method:
1. Whisk all ingredients together, till you get a smooth blend of ingredients. Use immediately.

Crouton Method:
Lightly spread any bread with olive oil and cut into small cubes. Place onto baking tray, and toast in a 150 deg Celcius oven till browned and crispy. Make sure you toss it around once in awhile during toasting.

Salad Method:
1. Mix all vegetables and olives with dressing. Top the salad with eggs and Croutons. Serve cold.

Recipe 9: Lasagne

This recipe is actually a mix of my own and Nigella's. Its easy to make, and tastes extremely gorgeous. And I'm not at all exagerating. I don't think I'll ever buy Lasagne again after this, when I know I have the perfect recipe for it, and can make much much more at a fraction of the price and for the family to enjoy. This recipe is for 6-8 persons (4"x4")

Lasagne Ingredients:
300g Lasagne sheets
Meat Sauce
Bechamel Sauce
2 cups Parmesan cheese (shredded)
2 cups Mozarella cheese (shredded)

Meat Sauce Ingredients:
800 g minced beef
2 onions (chopped)
1/4 cup olive oil
1 cup water
1 large can tomato puree
2 large cans whole tomatoes
2 generous dashes of Italian Mix herbs
10 olives, sliced (optional)
salt and black pepper to taste

Meat Sauce Method:
1. Heat oil, and saute onions till fragrant. Add in beef and cook till browned.
2. Add all other ingredients, and simmer on medium heat till thickened or not too liquidish.
3. Cool down to further thicken.

Bechamel Sauce Ingredients:
1/4 cup butter
1/4 cup flour
4 cups milk
1 studded onion (onion pierced with 3-4 cloves)
1 basil leave
a dash of thyme
salt and white pepper to taste

Bechamel Sauce Method:
1. Melt butter, and when foam forms, add the flour. Stir thoroughly for about 3 minutes. Set aside for 10 minutes to cool.
2. In a separate boiler, scald the milk (heat up till almost boiled).
3. Bring back butter and flour mix to heat, add milk quickly, and stir quickly to avoid lumping. Add the rest of ingredients, stir and cook further till thick. Set aside to cool.

Lasagne Method:
1. Cook Lasagne sheets according to box instructions, drain and sit in cold water.
2. Assemble the Lasagne:
a. Meat Sauce
b. Lasagne sheet
c. Meat Sauce
d. Parmesan
e. Bechamel Sauce
f. Mozarella
3. And back to step (a) till the brim of the casserole dish. For the last layer, however, swap the Mozarella and Parmesan, for the natural golden finish after baking.
4. Bake at 200 deg Celcius for 40 minutes. After baking, let it stand for 20 minutes to set. Fantastic!

1. Its very important to sit the cooked Lasagne sheets in cold water to ensure it doesn't stick and is easier to deal with.
2. I also add a bit of oil into the boiling water when cooking the Lasagne sheets.
3. I had this with a simple tossed salad with a dressing I made up on my own. See Recipe 10.

Vandalism on My Baby!

Saturday recently was hellish in the morning, thanks to an artist (with no taste and talent) who suddenly had an idea of ruining my perfect Saturday morning. That day, I was supposed to send off my sis to tuition, go jogging in that area (Taman TAR; I love the jogging track there...so serene), have breakfast thereafter, and pick her back up. And I'd be happily cooking away my Lasagne (also for dear sis; mengidam tah nape tah), have lunch with the family, and go shopping with another sis later that evening.

But hell no...We did go jogging, yups, and the day was beautiful, but everything changed when we realized that someone had messed up my Savvy! Mr. Artist (or Ms.) scratched my car all along the LH doors, to the trunk hood area, and the rear RH side area. Sucks huh? He (or She) even scratched 'Savy Konon' on the trunk hood for an added touch. Nice... Wonder what he was thinking when he was doing it, and whether there is any regrets at all now, after doing something as lowly as that. I can't really think of anyone doing this to me.

To whom it may concern, if you ever read this, I hope God forgives you for what you did, and I hope that you would find it in your heart to regret what you did to me. I refuse to condemn you, coz that would only put me in the same level as you are. May peace be upon you.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Friday Blues

Hari ini sangat tak best ok...Not so many are in the office, sharing the pain of coming back from a holiday, just to force ourselves to work on a Friday!! I should've taken MC or something like the rest of the guys here that are MIA. Today is basically like the weekend in proper clothings and a lot of acting (lakon rajin dan sangat busy...bunch of konons!!). Sangat tengah suffer. Even my partner in crime a.k.a Mr. Left Neighbour is out there enjoying his birthday with the rest of the world (nasib baik dia tinggalkan Headphone yang sangat best untuk dipinjam :) ). Thank God for Mr. Right Neighbour though...At least ada la gak entertainment. I'm currently counting the seconds to 5.30pm. I know I have a lot of work to do (now its lunch time...that's why I'm blogging ok) but the mood is just NOT there. My eyes are giving way now. Nak layan before Mr. Boss comes back. Farewell world... zzzzzzzzZZZZzzzzzzz

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Recipe 8: Cupcakes

I was in a cooking mood today. Somehow I felt I needed the therapeutic effect it gives, after such a long week. Today's Thaipusam for Selangor, and Hari Wilayah for KL (well isn't that just nice) so all were around (except my Pharmacist sis...she needed the break badly, and had a 3-movie-marathon with her girlfriends...haha...psycho!). Anyway, in my recipe book, I have my Grandma's recipe for a gorgeous butter cake, so I thought, heck why not? Just turn into a cupcake recipe. HOWEVER, the recipe requires me to hunt out for this one particular butter which I can only get at supermarkets for the ex-pats. Too lazy to dress up cantik-cantik and go out pulak. Finally, I made up my own rendition of cupcakes with whatever the household has to offer. No frills and no proper measuring needed. My nephews loved them!

1 pure butter (in Malaysia, all butters are packed as 250g blocks)
1 1/2 cups castor sugar
3 cups flour
2 tsp baking powder
2 tsp vanilla essence
5 eggs

1. Sift flour and baking powder.
2. Beat softened butter and sugar till light and whitish. Add in 1 egg at a time. Beat in thoroughly. Add vanilla.
3. Fold in the flour mix. Mix well.
4. Fill up 3/4 of cups. Arrange onto baking tray.
5. Bake in oven at 170deg Celcius, for about 20-25 minutes, or till golden brown. Let cool, and deco with topping.

Beat soft but still cool 1/2 a butter with 1 cup icing sugar, till very light and white. Add 2-3 drops of red coloring for a pink effect. But you may use any other colorings of liking.