Friday, March 16, 2012


alhamdulillah...after 33 years of living...i've finally prayed Jemaah; in the privacy of my home, and not in a mosque like I've done in Ramadhan...weird what I planned to do when coming here, and what I'm actually doing now...weird in a good way, so im happy :) tonight was my third time since coming to england...first time was in london, at ada's friend's house; jemaah subuh...then it was about a month ago...with my usrah sisters...and now tonight...who ever knew what good things you could learn here...o add...did iqamah after 20 years of not doing so...last time was when i was 13...haiyoo...

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Lose weight!

I will start tomorrow!! I think its time that I start losing weight instead of just maintaining it..

Current food intake:
Breakfast - 2 slices of bread with non-fat margerine, mayo, meat slice, cheese, coffee with sugar n semi-skim milk.
Lunch - a pile of rice, small chicken / fish piece, a pile of vege, water with lemon
Dinner - maggi, water with lemon
In betweens - semi-skim milk, cereal, chocolates

Starting This week:
Breakfast - 2 slices of bread, non-fat margerine, meat slice, mustard, coffee no sugar with semi-skim milk. (minus mayo n sugar)
Lunch - 1/2 pile rice, small chicken / fish piece, a pile of vege, water with lemon (half rice)
Dinner - 1/2 maggi, water with lemon (half maggi)
In betweens - water with lemon, chocolate 1 cube a day, fruit, yoghurt

Tuesday morning - walk to Tesco shop for d week, yoga
Thursday morning - walk to vege market, yoga
Saturday or Sunday morning - walk to China Town, yoga

Looking back at what I've been taking, its a wonder how I've maintained..I should've gained like crazy..I guess all the walking helped..huhu..

Please don't rain... :p Note to self - need to buy another is not enuf!

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Night In

there're not so many of us batch sept 2011, especially the girls; only 7, plus 2 more that came bit late during d we decided to have a night in yesterday at our humble home...unfortunately, only 6 turned up, but it was fun nevertheless...

we had dinner together; homemade mushroom soup with garlic bread, fried rice and fried chicken, and ice cream..we ate till we couldn't sit, while watching an old classic; parent trap :p game for the night was truth or dare; where d dares were pretty scary actually...i've never played in one where you had to call your 3-year bf to break up with him, or call a guy n say you like him...grr..i didn't dare to dare...i stuck to truth...we had solat jemaah of isyak thereafter...and planned to do qiamullail, but none of us woke up in time before we did subuh jemaah, and after a bit more of a heart to heart session, our guests bid their goodbyes..

the thing i like about here is that you need to think about what you can learn, for example, if you watched a movie, we'd end up discussing about what you can learn from that movie, or from a game, what you can learn from it...i find this pretty amazing, actually, how these kids, at such a young age could be so mature in thinking...apparently, they've been doing it since d day they started usrah...

in my family, and among my friends, the 'u' word seem horrific...we'd imagine a group of people in their tudung labuh, going around preaching nonsense or Islam, but too in-depth that you get confused...i remember how horrific i was (and ada) at d thought of having d usrah coming to our home ever week...i was saying to myself; i'd rebut in whatever that they discuss...come usrah, it made me realise that i am like a baby compared to all these wonder-people around me...their in-depth knowledge of Quran, hukum2, the open way we discuss about any issues that's been tugging our hearts...its true what they say; usrah is actually a place for us to open up to fellow sisters; sisters that are near to us, when we are far from ours...since islam is way of life, we discuss about everything...

anyway, coming back to last night, i find that i lack in many ways, and few years back, many of them were also in the same boat, but with the sisters' help, they managed to find their way...i hope when i come back, i could continue with this amalan, and hopefully will continuously be a better person in every way :)