Sunday, January 31, 2010

kemaman short hol

went to ganu recently to see a friend getting hitched and to accompany nik to her friend's wedding too, both in the east...headed to kemaman on friday morning, arrived for lunch, only to find all the restaurants closed for friday prayers...we didnt get our tong juan stuffed crab, but went instead to mesra mall, and that was where we got the idea for our nites in kertih; karaoke...huhu...first nite; 3 hours, 2nd nite; 2 hours (had to leave coz of zuree's birthday celeb at noname cafe; min's bro's cafe that makes the best drinks in the world; you create it, he'll make it) i had teh o peach suam...yumm...

anyway, aside from karaoke-ing, n lepakking with the guys, of course we went to andy's wedding; he is like he is, and even met up that nite with the rest of the gang for the celeb..its been years since ive seen guys getting hit by eggs n bucketful of water like what zuree got; pure fun :p but we were on our side; the peace corner (with nik, huda, faizal and andy with KFC in hands, across the parit), no eggs in the face please (although i did get a little on the head) other than that crazy nite, we had satar, sotong goreng and kepok at aziz satar (of course), sunset dream at awana (of course) breakfast at haiping (of course of course)...i love kemaman all over again...

Monday, January 25, 2010

singapore quickie

had a weekend getaway to singapore to meet a friend... had fun at the night safari, a restful weekend at the parkroyal (quiet hotel, hidden amongst the trees at beach road) and good food at usman and zam zam restaurant (both at arab street) no shopping this time, hopefully in the next one...nandre non the above...;)