Thursday, August 30, 2012


I feel sooooo relieved now...I've just handed in my 200 pages long thesis, in 2 copies...I thought the writing up was difficult enough to do, but the printing and binding them was a totally different story...took me 5 hours to make them right...I definitely know for a fact that I will never ever want to work in a binding shop ever....its so damn hard OK, and I managed to ruin about 50pages worth of it...

Anyway...all is in the past...hoping for the best marks :) That's 85% worth...another 15% for next week's presentation...I'm not even bothered with that...I'll do my very best, but what matters is the huge bulk has been handed in...phewwwwww...!!!!!!!!!!!

How do I celebrate? I slept like a log for 3 hours, had a plate of cucur Adabi, a pot of Earl Grey and 4 series of Suits back to back... :p

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

baru je happy...tapi disappointed 2 people i care about...tak apa la...its for my own good...i'm sure :)

syukran ya Allah

double happiness today...confirmation from supervisor that my thesis is fine so i can proceed to print for submission...and i received my allowance for the month...

for the former, i'm planning to proof read one more time today, before submission this friday...just in case i missed any spelling or grammar errors...yes...its crazy, but you get penalized  even for those, so it would be dumb to get lower marks for things that you can control...then next week is the presentation...then im freeeeeeeeeee.....

the much anticipated allowance is finally in...nothing to shout about, but i'm so was a rough month; august, with the numerous souvenirs, shipping cost, raya, report prep all in the same month...not to mention some funds needed back home for living cost next month before getting my first pay! i cud finally top up the electric (which was running at negative 3 pounds!), my phone (had to cut short my phone call this morning with mom) and much needed fruits in the fridge (note to myself: buy some fruits later) i'm glad though, that aside from my lack of vitamin c, my kitchen is fully stocked, so i'll be fine for the next 3 weeks...maybe need to just buy some stuffs for my mini raya open house for those i most cherish here in planning to do that probably in the final weekend itself :)

(happy and glad) sigh...i can't sigh enough! alhamdulillah for your kindness ya Allah...

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Sad day today...'anak' kedua balik...leaving me in an empty house full of a year's worth of memories we built together...This one is someone I didn't really bond with at first, maybe because we are both Geminis and born in the year of the we always had contrasting ideas about things...

She was one of those kids...bright, outspoken, well read, over that I could get really annoyed with, coz they tend to teach you things even though they know only quarter of what they were saying, for being so young...but because of their outrageous confidence, they'd sound convincing enough to make you wonder if what they said was half true...

When my first 'child' left me few months ago...I was devastated...I began to get to know her throughout June, July and August...It was awkward at first, because she usually had her own set of friends and so did I...but we became closer and closer...I knew her well enough to love her so much that when she left today, I had the same reaction as the first...crying non-stop like someone losing one's child to the world...risau, sedih and some regret, because though we've bonded so much, I still had a tiny annoyed feeling with her every now and then...

Now without her, I won't have anyone to clean up after...I won't have to turn off the water heater switch she left on...I won't have anyone to get worried over...Like the first, who was always so close to me coz we had so much to talk about, this second one will be very much missed, because of her faults that I had learnt to adore and because of her cheerful bubbly self...I will miss the daily prayers and break of fast we had together in Ramadhan...

Hope you have a wonderful life in HK and back in UK my dear...may God bless you and protect you from all harms of life...Love you much...

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Moving Strong

Knowing that you care really makes a difference. For now I could go on my days with a warm feeling and a stronger drive to do my best in whatever I do now in UK, and to look forward to coming home.

Alhamdulillah, everything is going well now.

My project is going well, only one more section to be done for the company and the writeup for myself is going as planned. I am well into the results and discussion section now, and am looking forward to complete it latest by third week of August for a final week's worth of review, before submission.

I've delivered 90% of my assets here in UK and its InsyaAllah safely on its way back home in Malaysia. Hope all goes well :) The rest will come back either with me on flight, or in another small box to be shipped early September.

I've submitted my application for flight tickets for the 20th Sept. Hope I do get that date, or just teeny bit later, not earlier, but not too much later. Need to be back before 24th latest.


Friday, August 03, 2012


I discover myself misplaced
winding through everlasting paths.
I don’t belong at this point.
Yet, I yearn to feel,
taste and catch sight of
something real.
I have nothing to lose.
With gaping wounds
existence drifts away.
Pain and terror
develop into my pleasure.
Nothing is true.
I can’t help being confused.
This is what I wanted all along.

-Claire Nixon-