Wednesday, October 03, 2012

picking up the pieces

after an emotional week, i've finally managed to start being happy again to be home. though the problems will always be part of our everyday lives, i have faith now that the family will once again reunite. alhamdulillah.

kerstin is coming in 2 days time, and the weekend will be spent in penang, so i have only 1 more day to prepare for office. i still have a huge list to fulfill, but i guess some of them may need to wait next weekend.

i look forward to monday for the first time. i managed to get my time right, for the journey to the office past monday, so i hope everything goes well with my first week and day. i'm now going through the videos PWC sent over for viewing, prior to work, and what they talk about on the videos really affects me and motivates me to perform well in the company. lets hope for the best then :)