Thursday, October 29, 2009

travel bug bit me

looking forward to my long long holiday...will update more once im back...

Monday, October 26, 2009

my nephew nik's wedding

2 days back, i went to my 2nd cousin's son's wedding at klang..ive never met them before, since they are from my mom's dad's side (kelantan side) anyway, apparently, the groom (supposedly my nephew) turns out to be my junior in uni!what a small world..the food was gorgeous, the hospitality was excellent (we got a table next to Selangor Temenggong family) and we had good company (the best man was so friendly) its a great feeling; to finally meet your long-lost family..

movie buff

have u ever been to the movies and found that ure the only one in the entire cinema? luckily i went with my 2 sisters..we almost ran back out, but the movie was so gorgeous, we stayed till d end..guess what happens when the cinema's all urs? this...

sagad's wedding

this is one of the weddings id remember for a long was absolutely gorgeous..sagad did a great job in selecting his pelamin designer..congratulations sagad and jo, may you live happily ever after...

praise to allah

somewhere along the journey to kl, from kuantan, while driving :)

mee rebus gear box

as i was passing through AU3 from work today, i saw the 'sup gear box' stall that me and my family had been to. the soup is flavorful, but.....considering that we paid minimum of RM15 per bone, the meat is NOT ENOUGH, marrow is NOT ENOUGH, and i guess, in conclusion, the soup is not worth the price.i love sucking the marrow...yes, its not entirely healthy, but its a delicacy, so it should be excused of its nutritional values to the human body. we found another place that sells similar straw-slurping concept, but only this is in the form of mee rebus with lamb gear box. this is the only dish id recommend at linda onn's mom's chicken rice shop, coz the only malay chicken rice i could accept (other than my mom's) is nasi ayam mancongkam. the mee rebus, is delish, and very generous; with 2 pieces of large gear box and plenty of meat to bite into..its a must try at only RM9!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

and the city

we used to love to think of ourselves as the girls themselves in new york, all glamour and full of life..i think the writer was excellent at picking the 4 characters; like it or not, they represent most of the girls i know; successful, happy, just done watching the movie again, this time on cable, and i love it again and like to think myself as more of carrie..used to want to be more like charlotte, but who am i kidding, seriously..hmm..i wish i had more courage to splurge like her though (again, who am i lying to?)

Friday, October 23, 2009

great movie

been a while since ive watched a good movie..well, maybe just about a month ago; the proposal was definitely a thumb up! latest i watched last nite was 'the private lives of pippa lee' and it was absolutely superb..a must watch

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Me again..I'm fine thank you

Olyn has a new toy. Its simple, but powerful, and its way past time she bought it.

From my previous post, it looks like I didn't make it..Its been almost 4 months now..I'm fine, and that was just my fear of getting the H1N1 virus by going to the US..hehe..Silly me..

Anyway, months have passed..I've changed department, I've relocated into my own room at the office..Happy bout that, but of course, as human, who is ever satisfied? I'm figuring out how to work with no phone, no internet line, and few more stuffs from the construction of my room, still visible in the room...sometimes it just makes you wonder how it survives all this years..Maintenance is too occupied, IT is too occupied, and I've been back and forth into my old department, checking my email..If I didn't care less, I'd just sit back and do my work without caring a damn about the 30 to 40 emails a day I get..Crap..Anyway, thank you for this opportunity..(?)

I've not been focused on my work..Maybe lack of interest? No...I'm very interested..No focus of what to do first then next? Maybe..But I'm hoping with this new toy, I'd get more geared up and ready to charge..Let's see..

That's work..Life-wise, I'm not doing too bad I guess..Looking forward to few things..Will talk more in the near future..