Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy at Last

I am happy at last...coz I know my boss loves me and coz I know I love what I'm doing...I feel contented each day, especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays when I report back to my customers that everything is going well and dandy...Past are my resentful feelings of getting hitched beyond my will from what I do best; technical Engineering thingy's. Thank you God, for giving me a high everyday at work, when I do my rounds, and everyone reports that they have done what they're supposed to do, without me badgering too much upon them...I am forever thankful, as well, that my future plans are going as they are supposed to, and I am hopefully one step into the line I'm supposed to be, to be able to soar to even higher heights...Keeping my fingers crossed...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Thank You

This year Syawal, open house is the main agenda every weekend to the last drop! Last was yesterday. I had a wonderful time eating here and there, furthest destination would be Bangi. Thank you everyone for your invites, InsyaAllah I will do my best to make one next year. Halal makan minum. See you next year or earlier OK? Selamat Hari raya!

A day after Deepavali...Post Holiday Symdrome?

Happy Deepavali to all who celebrates this beautiful festival of lights, and Happy Holidays to all others!!!!

A day after yesterday (today) however, I took half day leave, and many things happened.

Firstly, a bit of whining. Bear with me. I took leave, actually, due to my beloved Savvy Baby, who needs the extra attention of replacing its rear wheel spindle. I was called to come, at 8.00am and the procedure should be done in an hour or so. Yeah, I know I should be thankful that it WAS over by 9.15, but what's with the attitude la?I am very punctual, so I arrived by 7.50am, and I waited without a blink of irritation to 8.00am, to find that I was asked to come back at 12 noon. What the heck la kan...Yours trully DEFINITELY DID NOT give in, and was on the edge of screaming, but patiently and gently explained that she took only half the day off, and it's NOT possible to come back for another month or 2. So they said, OK, maybe they could do it after all (????) Anyway, I was grateful, and asked for the nearest mamak stall to lepak in while they do their work. They courteously showed me the way, and I walked happily to the food kingdom, only to find that the guys were trailing me behind, for THEIR meal as well!!!Get why I'm pissed? Anyway, all ended well on time (well, if they started straight away, I could drive back home at 8.30 kot!)

Secondly, gratitude to gentlemen on earth. Especially to truck drivers who always have the time to give me and my gendermates way onto the road. Kudos to you guys.

Thirdly, I felt like choking a certain someone who had asked me to back to the office just because they forgot the keys to the office. I don't mind the hassle, but to scream at ME for your own carelessness? I think that's just plain unfair man...

Fourthly, I must stress that I'm really beginning to worry about my youngest nephew. He didn't say much today, except 'Gi tak comel hari ni' (yeah, they call me Gi...don't ask why) but whatever..hehe..The thing that worried me was the fact that he thinks he's beautiful today, after wearing MY tudung...ayoo...

Monday, October 13, 2008

My Latest Obsession: My Nails!

Check out these home manicured and buffed nails! Not bad aye for an amateur...I use Body Shop's Nail Block, and swear by it. Only RM19.90 for shiny, well-groomed nails. Its been 2 weeks and my nails are still oh-so-shiny.

Raya and Beyond

Its the mid of Syawal already, and a lot of things had happened since my last entry. Lets see...

Cherating was something I really needed to just let go, and free my mind from the constant stress I go through daily now at the office. As I always say, it is much much easier dealing with machines and computers than dealing with people. What do I do? I manage people to ensure my projects run as smooth-sailing as possible. Try that for a change...Anyway, as all of our earlier trips here, we chose to stay in a simple chalet, right on the beach itself, so that we could hear the waves day in and out, and get to lepak on the verandah as long as we want. Myself, with a book and the wind from the sea. Such bliss. And what is a trip to near Ganu without the delish kepok lekor, satar and otok-otok, and not forgetting Hai Ping! I felt like staying there forever...

Wonder what's with the mouth...Na (with the mouth and Mak dearest) Not posing, I can assure you...This is what the beach can do to dream away...

The one and only crab that agreed to pose for the camera...Others were too shy

On the verandah...Jealous tak?

Lily, my closest cousin (other than El :)) gave birth to another beautiful baby boy, Rayyan Iskandar. I wish you only the best my dearest, and may baby Rayyan grow up just her his mother; smart and beautiful inside out.

Baby Rayyan, sleeping soundly in Mama's arms

Ayah's family came down from Ipoh just last week, to visit us in our humble home. We had great dinner (prepared by Mak; yours truly was at work, and joined after) and chit-chatted till almost midnight. Its been a while since we gathered like this, almost 2 years, since Makcik Shikin got married, and all of us had such a great time. Nenek is not quite well, but still very chatty throughout the night. They left back for Ipoh the next day, and we promised to visit.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Raya Day Two

I'm back in my sarong (yes, I live in KL all my life, and I wear sarong just like any kampong girl you can think of) after a long long day of entertaining guests (family jer, friends InsyaAllah in 2 weeks time OK) and serving them with my family's specials. Pakistani Beriani and lotsa lotsa cakes. We have this thing, my sis and I with cakes. We had Brownies, Cupcakes, Carrot Cake, Chocolate Cake and Fruit Cake. Weird? Maybe...huhu...Some of the other stuffs that has happened...

Did you know...apparently, in the 70's, the word 'kinky' means that you're stylo milo...huhu...My sis got that from an aunt...I couldn't stop laughing..woohoo...Na is kinky...Na is kinky...

I had food from 4 houses in a row...felt like being bullimic last nite, but too tired to walk to the toilet, so just slept off with the extra fat I gained in a day...

My 2nd nephew is a nutcase...He just HAS to say anything on his mind especially about other people...Its kinda hard to write up on what he says, just that I need to get it out of my system...hehe...I love you anyway baby...

That's it for now...Tomorrow I'm off to Cherating! Later aligators...

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya!!

Dearests...Happy Eid Mubarak to all of you...May your Ramadhan have been a blessed one and may you have a wonderful month of joyous celebration...You deserve it...Drive safely for those going back home and to those going for your holidays...Makan berpada-pada yer... :)

Smocking Couture

Think its too late to shop for that breathtakingly intricate smocking couture dress for your baby princess? Check this out then. I know the designer personally, and I can assure you that she's not only great at smocking, but a wonderful artist and a great mom to one of my bestfriends, Han.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Selamat Berpuasa

One last word from me for the day...Sempena berpuasa ni...jangan bukak mulut masa mandi, jangan 'ter'telan air masa berwudhu', don't think naughty thoughts (huhu), and stop checking out that yummy guy with the cute ass (woohoo) You may do these however in 2 weeks time :p

Selamat Berpuasa loved ones...

Janda Baik

What more can you ask? Trickling cool water all over you, you live in a Kampung-style stilt house, beside the clear clean river, no traffic jams, fresh air, free local fruits...Is this heaven, you may ask? Well, maybe, but you don't have to wait that long to experience what I experienced at Zaini Guesthouse in Janda Baik. My huge family (including the aunts, cousins, the works) had a weekend getaway, a week after Bandung, and we had a lovely time there...The hosts were a newly-wed couple; Fred Suria (she's the beautiful French I was telling you about) and Zaini and a troop of his family as cooks (the best Kampung cooked food, using fresh ingredients from the surrounding area!) We're planning our next trip already..If you're into this kind of adventure (separate baths; but very clean and beautiful, bathing in the stream for countless hours, minimal electricity, cool air without fans and air-conditioning) jomm!

My verandah

The view from my window

Ada gaya rappers tak? huhu...Nita at hard work...feeding us all durian from the orchard

BBQ at nite...had lamb, fish, chicken with the best marinade I've ever tasted; secret recipe definitely

My stilt home from the river...Lawa kan?

My sisters

Olyn Missing?

Yup, she's been missing for a while...OKla...for a very long time...been up to the nose with work work and work! There shouldn't be any sort of excuses, she knows, but the little time she has, especially during Ramadhan, has made it impossible for her to not just lie back and read her new books...Olyn's reading...Eat Pray Love and Tuesdays with Morrie...2 books? Yeah...that's how she is...Too excited to read one book after another...So, peeps, bear with her OK, coz you know how crazy she is about writing (Oh yeah, by the way, when she's not typing up into her dearest blog, she's updating her Little Black Book) OKla..more stories after this..Promise!

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Bandung was something else. Not that I'm saying it in a bad tone or anything, but I have imagined it to be so different. Well...I blaim the ability of my mind to fantasize too much I guess. I went there with another 8 cool peeps, 4 of which I'm very familiar with, and another refreshing 4, are colleagues of Nik's. Very easy to get along with. They stayed for 4 days and 3 nites. I, however, had the misfortune luck of a non-confirmed employee, who can only take 1 day off, so I stayed for a nite shorter than the rest (thank God for weekends). Nevertheless, still very happy with the 1 day extra of leisure, away from work. huhu.
Arrival at Bandung - Bandara Husein Sastranegara Bandung Airport. Don't you just love how artistic the Indonesians are? I love their airport's name.
Nurul posing at the lobby - Sukajadi Hotel. Easy access to good Sundar food, just 2 doors down. We had our first lunch there, then rolled up our sleeves and went down to business - shopping!!!
First day of total retail therapy. I bought 4 tops, a jacket and 2 shoes in 1 evening. This is Rumah Mode at night. Very beautiful, price of clothing not so bad, but I prefer Mode Plus for more branded items choice. But here, do check out its cafe for its yummy Avocado Blended. Nice...

At the Atmosphere; happening restaurant with the works

In front of the hotel entrance

On the way to Tangkuban Perahu...Took us a few hours gak...

Tangkuban Perahu and the mountains surrounding the area...Lawa kan?

Adorable couple...posing at the many many natural bongsais you may find at Tangkuban Perahu

Volcano...You can see the smoke coming out of the mountain..

Nasi Timbel - Sundar specialty recommended by a friend...cocok skali dengan tekak saya Pak..

Saza being all sad to leave the back you can see Bandung's largest mosque

The place to get your taste of Nasi Timbel...setap!

At Dago Valley, another very exclusive restaurant everyone must check out...Food-wise, we're not so sure, coz we went for the coffee and dessert only...yumm..but bit pricey

In conclusion...I am so going back there for more shopping...I don't think I'd shop for clothes anywhere else from now..

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Carbonara Yumm

I should have more faith in my sis from now onwards. Last night, I had one of the best Spaghetti Carbonara ever! Its not her recipe, most definitely, but it was basically perfectly coated with the creamy, yummy sauce, with just the right amount of salty beef (she forgot to buy beef bacon and we - being Mak and I, suggested that she fried the beef we had with teeny extra salt). Its from Martha Stewart, and this proves that her recipes are safe to try. Cost for overall cooking - RM30. Cheap aye, for 8 plates! Try this!

Social Contract

Some forget, some do not know, and some just don't care. Do you really not care? I'm extremely worried. Read this.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hats Up!

What type of a driver are you? Are you the kind who, if given way, would pass with your hands high up, to show how thankful you are for their kind gesture, or is the type who'd keep a straight face, and move on like nothing had happened?

I was in the car with sis, after a short pasar malam trip, where we were putting up our hands after another, coz of the traffic, when she related to an incident that happened with my mom's friend. Something like this...

Friend: kenal ke orang tuh? Siapa tuh? Kawan Olyn ke?
Mom: Siapa?
Friend: Yang tadi you angkat tangan tuh...
Mom:Erm...tak...dia kasi jalan tadi...
Friend: Ooo...ingatkan kenal td... wonder lesser people are saying thank you's nowadays for simple courtesy...For your's good manners to say thank don't even have to shout it out, hoping the other kind driver to hear...a simple nod (and a smile if you have any) and a hand gesture (not the finger dudes) would do...You'd make someone's day, and you'll feel good...Trust me...What goes around comes around...Have a nice day!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Back in Gear

I'm happy again...after all the thinking and confusion, fate had answered, and I now know where I'm heading to for the next few years...Thank you God for your all your blessings and direction...

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Green Getaway

I can't wait for this trip...It would be about 2 weeks after the Bandung trip, and only my family (cousins and aunts and all...the Zubaidah clan) will occupy this 3 acres land for the weekend...huhu...Ayah used to organize these kinda trips, and I guess having his blood, my elder sis is organizing this beautiful one-nite stay...I know its gorgeous not just through the web, but we got to peep in on the way back from sending off my lil sis to Pahang last weekend...I mean it...its gorgeous, especially if you love natural landscape and appreciates the tradisional feel to this place...We had tea with the owners (beautiful Fred Suria-she's French, and her hubby Zaini) and she toured us around the compound, and told us her story. Her story reminds me of one from a story book...This is a place where you could just sit back and finish up your novel or bathe in the cool clean river Janda Baik is famous for...Jom gi Zaini's Guest House nak? It's sooo lawa...

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Just Friends?

Have you been through this? You get to know a guy...They start messaging you every night...They start calling you baby, darling, dear etc...They talk intimately with you...They keep on asking for your photos because they love to see you...And in the end they say you guys are just friends... Is that actually normal? I wonder if its just me, being easily swayed by simple affection, or it really is an act of insanity on their side...If that is friendship, I wonder how it'd be like with their loved ones...


I am seriuosly at a junction.

One part of me would love to just pack up and go somewhere far away from this superficial life; go travel like the female nomad whom I know is hiding beneath this layers of crisply ironed shirt and pants. I have so many places to go to, it makes me sick to be reminded that without this job, I could never do so...

Another part of me would just like to quit, and cook and sell all my goodies...Seeing people smile after a bite of my creation tops any kinds of worries and sickness in the world...

Another part of me would just like to settle down! I'd love to feel resposible over myself and my loved ones...building up a family slowly, spoiling my hubby and my cute children...Going out with them..Mana my guy nih??

Another part of me always dreams of being an Ir. maybe partly for the sake of making the most of what I've achieved so far or maybe because it is what's expected of any engineers to achieve in the end, or maybe because I know that this choice is one of the most logical choice I have in life; considering I have a family to take care of...

And lastly, another part of me would love to study overseas, just like I wanted to 10 years ago...

You see how confused I am right now? And how much I want in life? At this age however, I wonder if its not too late to be thinking of these choices...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

P. Ramlee The Musical

I finally got to go to the highly acclaimed theatre...This is what I think:

1. Saloma (Liza Hanim) and P.Ramlee (Musly Ramlee) gave me goosebumps when they sang. They were awesome. Firstly, they look just like the real stars...Secondly, Musly sounds almost exactly like P. Ramlee and Liza Hanim in her own way had such a beautiful voice...I'm sorry she had to start off her career during the reining days of Siti Nurhaliza...She's so good.
2. I loved the choreography...Its like watching a Broadway...the crisp efficient moves were flawless.
3. I loved all the other casts as well...Chad, Atilia, Melissa Saila...But Emelda was a bit of a disappointment...but still not too bad for a first timer.
4. The songs were just too bad though...When I went to this theater, I'd expect the producers to use only P. Ramlee's original songs...However, I think there were just about 5 songs of his...pity...coz I'm pretty sure the legend had produced hundreds of beautiful songs. The newly composed songs are pretty lame...The producers used the same 2 songs over and over, and just changed the lyrics to fit to the occasion. The worst parts of it was that these songs are melodiously non-original...Try listening to the song 'Reflection' by Christina Aguilera in Mulan and 'Pulanglah' by Misha Omar in Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam...Kantoi...Its a real pity because out of all the scenes, the scenes that really touched me were the ones when P. Ramlee sang his own songs...sigh...

I'd definitely list this theatre as one of my favorites. Thumbs up to the Malaysian local theatre. You guys are world class...

Kids nowadays...

This is my niece, helping out her Bibik with the dishes...I swear...she did this all on her own...the chair and all while her Bibik was at the back doing something else...hehe...comel...

Birthday June

Its been one hectic weekend after another...The previous trying to find the perfect gifts for everyone, and just last week, was the weekend that everyone (other than the ones celebrating it) feared. It turned out fantastic of course, thanks to everyone that organised so many things.
Lets birthday was a Friday...I took leave, but no, its not entirely for me, but to bake 300 cuppies for order...This is the most I've ever done...It was great, it was hell, it was fantastic, and I was welcomed into one of the most beautiful homes I've ever been to (my gracious customer) I got many many gifts from evryone as well; shoes from Mak, MP3 Player from sis 3, a jewelery box from sis 4, a watch from sis 1, a silver Ziziano bracelet from Han and a mani pedi session from Nik and Saza..huhu...I'm pampered...

An angel in Norway ordered and delivered a Pods & Petals Giftlab cake to my doorsteps...thanks Zai...It was delicious!

Saturday was Nik's birthday, which she, Saza and I celebrated manicuring and pedicuring at Bangsar...I have gorgeous nails now people, and I can't wait for next month to go for my monthly pedicure now...Who can blame me? Its sooo addictive...That night, me and Mak shoots off for Genting, to join my lil sisters for a nite over there...They have Click 5 concert to go to, and we just felt its better if we joined in the fun (this is actually the long story made short...its actually a very long story, and I don't think I'd share it here) Sunday was Mom's birthday, and we had a great half day in Genting, and the rest, downtown in KL..Dinner was at Mak's fav...Tarbush...Yummy as always...

Olyn is all smiley coz she's feeling like a princess

Nik and Saza are happy too
To top off the day...a Banana Split at Baskin...yummm
Nik posing with her cuppie I made
At Genting..having a stroll after breakfast...sigh...

Its a Monkey Plant!! We found this while walking that morning, just by the roadside...Gorgeous kan..

The Durian Ice Cream not to be missed...Check this out at Restoran Yik Kee...same row with Hotel Seri Malaysia...creamy and not so sweet...

Sunday, June 01, 2008

A Tribute to My Friends

I don't know if anyone else in the world is as blessed as I am when it comes to the truest of friends. Its been a while since I've cried nearly to puking, but I had just that last night. I know I shouldn't (especially when it comes to 'those' reasons), but it just came and wouldn't stop. To make things worse, my plans for theatre, which I've been looking forward to since April, after Tiara Jaqueline announced that there'll be a second show of P. Ramlee suddenly went down the drain due to some technical errors. This is a tribute to Nik, whom rescued me from my miserable depression last night, without even an act of self-righteousness. She lives about 20km away, yet without hesitation, she quickly dialed up another friends, and we were off to Bora Bora for a good borak-borak session. Thanks a million deary, may Allah bless you and I'd like you to know that you are always a part of my prayers always. And you too sweethearts; Zai, Han, Loady, Parv, Saza and Norleen. Love you guys to bits.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Superman Strikes!

I had the weirdest dream last nite...I dreamt that I got hitched by Superman...hehe...awesomely nuts...and the funniest part of the dream was thinking happily inside, that yay...I'm hooked up with a man who can actually carry me around and fly me and bloody handsome ok...yay...but it struck me later (this is normal for me...I'm such a thinker...) that it may not be as bubbly as I may indicate:

1. My Mr. Perfect is non-existance
2. I am going to actually get a Mr. Perfect (huhu...keeping my fingers crossed..)
3. I will get smaller and my partner will eventually get to carry me around...haha..
4. I am marrying Faizal Tahir? eeewwwwww.....
Any dream analysts out there? Help me out here will ya... :p

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Gemini Fever

Tangan kiri dan kanan saya sangatlah gatal kebelakangan ini...hehe...This is because June is around the corner, and it is one of the most feared month of the year for everyone around us Gemini's and ourselves...I have basically 5 birthdays to celeb (you guys know who you are) and gone are the plans of buying new shirts and shoes for myself...But Mom gave me a brilliant idea...She's buying me shoes for my birthday! Yay! So I'm definitely checking out Pedal Works again for those cute shoes that Nik paraded me a month back...They're not just cute, but they're perfect for feet that are bigger than your average Malaysian size (I mean sizes 9 to 12!)I'm a size 9 myself, and I used to hate shoes till I found my these...Go check it out yourselves, at Subang Parade...suke sgt...:')

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


My family just came back from a trip to Taiping yesterday..I didn't go along, coz I realize how tired I am, and how much I need a 'me' time and how much my car needs my attention..As I washed it last nite, it dawned on me how I've neglected not just myself, but everything and everyone around me..

Mom is sad currently, at how much I spend more time outside the house than on her bed, talking to her while she paints away like I used to..My friends reminded me yesterday of how old my last post was..I found my luggage from Bangkok still unpacked..The last cooking I did was just cupcakes for Han, no new discoveries for months now..My wardrobe is musky, coz its been a while since the last time I bought Mr. Hippo and my fav Glades wardrobe freshener in Lavender..I haven't bought a new shirt or new shoes in months..I havent hugged my nephews and niece in a while..I havent been to a spa in months..I havent done any exercise in time flies, and I didnt even do anything much to remember the days by..

I think I need to really sit down and plan my life..I don't want it to end like this..I dont know how and when the time comes when it'll be too late to do anything..Any of you guys feel like this sometimes? Maybe we should sit and put our heads together and make a list (a fav as always)so that nothing is left out..A plan is a plan..Shouldnt be too perfect, but at least nearing the perfection that we wold like to achieve..My number 1 item on the list would be:

1. To achieve something BIG before the big 30 comes to town..huhu..

Any clue as to what is BIG? You guys help me with this k?

Colbie Caillat -

my current fav...enjoy this guys...

Monday, May 19, 2008

April and May of Happiness

I'm sorry...I've not been very consistent these few months...Work should never be an excuse for not writing, but my hands are tied, I'm just helplessly busy now...Not just with work, but with life...Yup, I have a much so that Mom is starting to ask about my whereabouts lately...Its been awhile since she's asked, coz I've not been this happily busy for quite some time...As always, let the pictures tell you the story of Olyn and her life... :)
A lil art ashtray for Mr. Y. Lawa tak?

Baby Girl of a colleague...I helped drive ur mommy to the hospital, therefore I self declare that I am your Godmother..hehe...such a should've seen how she was sleeping in my arms...

Breakkie with the girls...always a fav...

Farewell Zai...Haziq posing beria after he got used to the idea that this Aunty will keep on mengurat him till he falls for her as well..hehe...

KL while driving out on the AKLEH...breathlessly heavenly...

Miz Parviano with her blink blinks...Nicely girl...

Miss Nik and Tungkai...drinks anyone?
Yours trully...

This is what happens when Olyn watches too much AFC...Bread Pudding with Choc Chunks...Yumm...Nnt I figure out a recipe...I just campak this and that in, without measuring...