Sunday, May 25, 2008

Superman Strikes!

I had the weirdest dream last nite...I dreamt that I got hitched by Superman...hehe...awesomely nuts...and the funniest part of the dream was thinking happily inside, that yay...I'm hooked up with a man who can actually carry me around and fly me and bloody handsome ok...yay...but it struck me later (this is normal for me...I'm such a thinker...) that it may not be as bubbly as I may indicate:

1. My Mr. Perfect is non-existance
2. I am going to actually get a Mr. Perfect (huhu...keeping my fingers crossed..)
3. I will get smaller and my partner will eventually get to carry me around...haha..
4. I am marrying Faizal Tahir? eeewwwwww.....
Any dream analysts out there? Help me out here will ya... :p

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Gemini Fever

Tangan kiri dan kanan saya sangatlah gatal kebelakangan ini...hehe...This is because June is around the corner, and it is one of the most feared month of the year for everyone around us Gemini's and ourselves...I have basically 5 birthdays to celeb (you guys know who you are) and gone are the plans of buying new shirts and shoes for myself...But Mom gave me a brilliant idea...She's buying me shoes for my birthday! Yay! So I'm definitely checking out Pedal Works again for those cute shoes that Nik paraded me a month back...They're not just cute, but they're perfect for feet that are bigger than your average Malaysian size (I mean sizes 9 to 12!)I'm a size 9 myself, and I used to hate shoes till I found my these...Go check it out yourselves, at Subang Parade...suke sgt...:')

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


My family just came back from a trip to Taiping yesterday..I didn't go along, coz I realize how tired I am, and how much I need a 'me' time and how much my car needs my attention..As I washed it last nite, it dawned on me how I've neglected not just myself, but everything and everyone around me..

Mom is sad currently, at how much I spend more time outside the house than on her bed, talking to her while she paints away like I used to..My friends reminded me yesterday of how old my last post was..I found my luggage from Bangkok still unpacked..The last cooking I did was just cupcakes for Han, no new discoveries for months now..My wardrobe is musky, coz its been a while since the last time I bought Mr. Hippo and my fav Glades wardrobe freshener in Lavender..I haven't bought a new shirt or new shoes in months..I havent hugged my nephews and niece in a while..I havent been to a spa in months..I havent done any exercise in time flies, and I didnt even do anything much to remember the days by..

I think I need to really sit down and plan my life..I don't want it to end like this..I dont know how and when the time comes when it'll be too late to do anything..Any of you guys feel like this sometimes? Maybe we should sit and put our heads together and make a list (a fav as always)so that nothing is left out..A plan is a plan..Shouldnt be too perfect, but at least nearing the perfection that we wold like to achieve..My number 1 item on the list would be:

1. To achieve something BIG before the big 30 comes to town..huhu..

Any clue as to what is BIG? You guys help me with this k?

Colbie Caillat -

my current fav...enjoy this guys...

Monday, May 19, 2008

April and May of Happiness

I'm sorry...I've not been very consistent these few months...Work should never be an excuse for not writing, but my hands are tied, I'm just helplessly busy now...Not just with work, but with life...Yup, I have a much so that Mom is starting to ask about my whereabouts lately...Its been awhile since she's asked, coz I've not been this happily busy for quite some time...As always, let the pictures tell you the story of Olyn and her life... :)
A lil art ashtray for Mr. Y. Lawa tak?

Baby Girl of a colleague...I helped drive ur mommy to the hospital, therefore I self declare that I am your Godmother..hehe...such a should've seen how she was sleeping in my arms...

Breakkie with the girls...always a fav...

Farewell Zai...Haziq posing beria after he got used to the idea that this Aunty will keep on mengurat him till he falls for her as well..hehe...

KL while driving out on the AKLEH...breathlessly heavenly...

Miz Parviano with her blink blinks...Nicely girl...

Miss Nik and Tungkai...drinks anyone?
Yours trully...

This is what happens when Olyn watches too much AFC...Bread Pudding with Choc Chunks...Yumm...Nnt I figure out a recipe...I just campak this and that in, without measuring...