Thursday, December 31, 2009

please ignore the previous post..that proves mental stress and hormone instability could dominate and change anyone ... :p

Saturday, December 26, 2009


dear diary,
ive not been feeling myself since last night...lately, this feeling comes quite times like this, i sometimes feel like getting into my car and driving off to somewhere far far away, without a care of whether i had a penny in my wallet or if i brought along my phone...2 weeks ago, when no one was home, and i was on my way home from working on a weekend, i almost drove on to ipoh...but damn my conscious mind stopped me from doing so...i exited rawang and went back it the hormones? will something really big and ugly happen to me if i finally relented and followed my heart? i dont know what i want heart is a lost case, thats for mind is going nuts sometimes, even at work nowadays i feel like throwing a tantrum...why shouldnt i feel that way? butt ugly uniform, work like a dog, lousy food, getting calls from customers on my holidays on my own phone (no...d company only provides phones for d bosses, but i need to take those bloody calls anyway)...forget about getting into d i feel like hitching d next plane to nowhere...fuck this life...

Friday, December 18, 2009

moving on

now that i've done what i was supposed to do last month, i can now move on to other things id like to talk about...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

London, England

last but not the least, london...we stayed at bayswater at the hyde park whiteleaf hotel, which was more asia than london, but such a strategic area...there're 2 metro stations here, baywater and queenway, and its walking distance to the main gates to hyde park, kensington palace, and we even stretched ourselves to walking all d way to love for london, is honestly, bridge was not d famous bridge we all sang our hearts out for...tower bridge was d beauty...weird...harrods was expensive, maybe i should go again during sale...anyway, i loved wetherspoon fish and chips, i loved princi, i loved big ben, i loved london's underground daily pass for everything underground and double decker...we also checked out cheaper and more handmade options at camden town (where punk originated i suppose) and portobello d rest of d pics!

tower bridge or london bridge? hmmm...

at camden town...huhu

big o' ben

buckingham palace...we waited for d queen but she didnt show up...

hyde park...d most beautiful park ive ever been to

at portobello market on sunday...they said its better on saturdays

from paris under d english channel n into london

Paris, France

next in line was was a love and hate experience here...i love the nite scene here...i hate d people tho...they're painfully unfriendly...i was warned, but i didn't buy it, till i experienced it myself...we did meet 2 very helpful people tho...d nite we arrived cold n tired, n not understanding paris's metro system, and at d grande palais area, where we met a pretty chinese girl, whom we think is not a local...n of course, paris is not short of beautiful places to visit...eiffel was magnificient, especially at nite (but tiring due to d 3 hours we had to endure to go to d top), disneyland was magical, louve is gorgeous, notre dame was unique...hop on hop off here sucks big time tho and very expensive...we should've just taken their route map n take d metro which was fantastic!i love love love d free breakfast we get at d hotel; Belfort hotel; huge buttery croissant and thick coffee with butter and jam..i'd come back to paris for that...enjoy d pics...

disneyland paris!!

notre dame

arc de triomphe

eiffel ku

at grand palais

Barcelona, Spain

barcelona is definitely a destination for shopping and modern art...and i loved how modern everything is here, so opposed to rome...we stayed again in d best location at la rambla at welcome inn, where all the excitement is...surrounded by gorgeous boutiques (zara was my fav there), good paella and tapas bars, carrefour which we adored, because of the 69 cents chocolates, and 29 cents 1.5L mineral water, and not to mention d 79 cents gorgeous cheese we had with crackers for picnic and one of d best pakistani briani we had in d trip...i loved d apartment we stayed in, coz we had a fully equipped ikea kitchen, where we hav our breakfast and the only place i could cook...even d hard rock guys here are soo friendly, u get addicted to buy so, we experienced a lot of gaudi magical touch of sagrada familia and park guell, picasso, barri gothic, d famous olympic stadium, and surrounded by world's most handsome men (in saza's and my opinion)..enjoy d pics...

my favorite market in the world...

after picasso..i didnt quite enjoy his work..maybe im not artistic, maybe he's jus exagerated

at the olympic stadium

park guell

familia sagrada...gaudi is weird, but magnificient

Rome, Italy

my favorite europe destination so far...rome...the food was superb (think about it..this is where it all started; gelato, pizza, pasta, the world's best ever hot chocolate, coffee!!!), the hotel was reasonably good, stayed at i didn't quite like the rain though, old italian men adored us...hehe...and the places we went to was breathtakingly beautiful and out of this world..imagine everything you see in da vinci code..yes, vatican city, colloseum (well, this was from jumper :p), palatine hill, pantheon, roman forum, galleria borghese, spanish steps, piazza navona, trevi fountain...i couldn't believe i was there, until the second day or maybe the third blessed...we stayed near termini station at montestella hotel , took d metro a LOT and on the hop on hop off (which was the cheapest in d trip) italians are not bad, not as friendly as texans (the friendliest human beings), but not as haughty as french (i'll elaborate later) but the men are such gentlemen, you'll melt (if you like men) enjoy the pics!

at d spanish steps

at the roman fav place in rome

at colloseum

me n nik at d roman forum..i love this pic

having a bit of breakfast before pushing our way through termini; best tuna sandwich