Friday, February 05, 2010

worst dates

still on the subject of the heart, i just realized that ive dated quite a bit...some were awesome, some were so bad, i cant even describe...well, i am describing it now are my top 4 worst dates:

4. he was a friend, but he asked me out for a fine with that...had dinner at a&w, which we paid separately (turn-off) and went to watch a blockbuster action movie, which he slept through halfway (coz its past bedtime!)

3. went out with a guy, first time, he talks about his ex...second date, he talks about his ex...third date, he talks about his ex...fourth date, he talks about a girl his family is matching him with...what the hell was i thinking??

2. a cousin introduced me to her close friend...we chatted a bit, and after few months (slow) he finally asked me out...he asked me to choose a place, so i chose bora ombak...maybe the place was overwhelming, maybe i was too chatty, maybe the music was too loud or maybe he is plainly stupid, but right after that date, he kept mum...n that raya, he asked for forgiveness...not!

1. it was a double date with my cousin, sweet of her n hubby to match me...this guy was about 5 years older, i was working in proton at d time, he was in in terms of topic, shouldnt be problem rite?well...he picked me up with my cousins...didnt say a thing to me...we went to a food court, got seated and my cousins got up to order (and to leave us to chat) he went after them leaving me alone!

Thursday, February 04, 2010


its funny how at this age and after all ive been thru, i could still manage to make myself hurt in the heart one more time...i mean, come was only 2 times that we've met (and 6 months of contact through phone and web), but this dainty heart of mine just had to stroll along and crushes started in college, yeah...i have many many crushes...i may look like a dork in college, nose in the books and all, but hello, i have needs too ok...i dont even know now how to differentiate between crushes and love anymore, thanks to old age, and too many romantic movies (damn i love those) i guess...i thot i was in love with this latest one, well, maybe still am, especially after he has confessed 3 times that he is...but u dont just disappear after saying those kinda things do u? im confused...hmmm...maybe im a lousy kisser? naa...cant be...with these amazing lips?? (who else would say this if not me) anyway...ive chucked him out (well, not entirely, to be honest, we're still connected in other ways) and am waiting for my next interest...bored now, not knowing when and who and how...sometimes i wish i could just purchase one from jusco and be done with just has to be harder though so u could have better stories to tell ur children...imagine saying to them...i bought ur daddy in jusco not i feel like i need to go shopping...