Tuesday, December 04, 2007

ATV Rocks!

Have you heard of ATV before?Nope...its not a new channel (dat's what I thought second, after considering if it has something to do with karaoke first) Its fun, challenging, heart stomping, and the whole package is intelligently planned, coz at the end of it all (before going back), we had a picnic at the most serene, secluded waterfall I've ever been to. This is ATV.

My wheel for the day; ATV is All Terrain Vehicle; indeed

Yours truly in her most ganas pose; hehe..ganas tak? :p

The ATVians

A short jungle trekking to the waterfall after a half hour ride through the lush green - Fazreen

See the waterfall?Love the cool clean water
Yummy spread by the fall...Om is such a good cook! Lucky Nizam!!
A very happy Olyn

All this at...jeng jeng...KL! Specifically at Kg. Kemensah, near National Zoo. For queries and bookings of this fun and affordable adventure, call Meliza at 019-3407895 or 012-3775005.


Ms Nellie said...

Olyn we have to go again! I would love to try it out with you.

SilverCoyote said...

eeeeeeeeeeee!! bestnyaaaaaaaa