Sunday, September 14, 2008

Janda Baik

What more can you ask? Trickling cool water all over you, you live in a Kampung-style stilt house, beside the clear clean river, no traffic jams, fresh air, free local fruits...Is this heaven, you may ask? Well, maybe, but you don't have to wait that long to experience what I experienced at Zaini Guesthouse in Janda Baik. My huge family (including the aunts, cousins, the works) had a weekend getaway, a week after Bandung, and we had a lovely time there...The hosts were a newly-wed couple; Fred Suria (she's the beautiful French I was telling you about) and Zaini and a troop of his family as cooks (the best Kampung cooked food, using fresh ingredients from the surrounding area!) We're planning our next trip already..If you're into this kind of adventure (separate baths; but very clean and beautiful, bathing in the stream for countless hours, minimal electricity, cool air without fans and air-conditioning) jomm!

My verandah

The view from my window

Ada gaya rappers tak? huhu...Nita at hard work...feeding us all durian from the orchard

BBQ at nite...had lamb, fish, chicken with the best marinade I've ever tasted; secret recipe definitely

My stilt home from the river...Lawa kan?

My sisters

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