Monday, October 17, 2011

New Chapter

i believe this is THE day for me to put up a new chapter in my life...though it may seem bit odd that only after a month plus of relocating and parting from my loved ones, would i declare it as such, but well, this is my life after all...suka hati lah yer...something happened this morning, and just few hours ago...i won't share it this time, but i have to say that whoever feels that i've changed how i treat you...serves you right! i was contemplating to open up a new blog, but i figured, i should just continue with what i least when my grandchildren reads it later, they'll get the whole picture in a click...anyway...

ehem chapter...yours trully recently moved to good ol' LIVERPOOL!! i was getting pretty tired of working like a dog (Beatles anyone??) so i decided, with a huge nudge from my bestie Nik (dearie...without your help and encouragement, i will never be here) to try my luck at applying to all the uni's that offer what i wanted...about 6 i think, and i got a thumbsup from 4 of them...that was the easy bit...the hard part was the do i come here...savings? a shoppaholic and a travel freak...too busy spending, plus my pay sucks, so savings is out of the we tried our luck at British Council...for some reason, i got rejected right when i night, while staying up doing work (my daily 16-18hour working ritual) i decided to check out MARA...and there it was...first day that they're offering scholarships for postgrads...seriously, ini bukan cerita dongeng...and here i am :)

it wasn't so rosy, the prep i had to go through coming here...blood and tears were shed along the way, and a lot of pain too...but it was all worth it...Mom was my hero through thick and thin, and was here supporting me till just last week (and she still is, from back home)...its good timing too, that she went back, i must say, since its freaking cold here right now... i am...starting a new life and chapter...pray for me!


niQue_naQ said...

why why? wat happened? hehe sebokk :p

ow shucks, np babe, i knew u needed the nudge, u can thank me later when i hv to bunk at yr place in march hehehe :p :p :p

keep on updating! any "interesting" peeps yet??s

hANa said...

im thinking of furthering my study, if its ok, do you mind if I ask you for some advice

olyn said...


sure..can email me at