Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Life on Pause. Lets Play Now

A year passed. A year of nonstop work, 1 wk off to Aussie and few weekends of home deco. And that's all. I realised this last night, when I was trying to put up a status on FB. Worked my ass off..over weekends, till 2am..but all they wanted was actually for me to sing and get noticed coz the boss loves music..

I need to get my life put together this year; go to work, and get home by 7pm
I need to get a new job or go for my PhD
I need to go umrah
I need to take diving license
I need to finish up my house
I need to get healthy
I need to go to Cambodia

InsyaAllah...I will enjoy year 2014... fingers crossed

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