Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Ramadhan Kareem Sahur

The Awesome and Gorgeous ADs decided that Iftar was too mainstream...and decided to wake up for sahur our jammies..I didn't exactly come in mine, of course, for reasons :p

Brought along Na, since it was at 3am. Had great fun even though most of us were 3/4 awake and eyes so red. Nora managed to down 2 nasi lemak and 2 pieces of chicken. But I guess baru worth the effort of coming down all the way from Shah Alam. Shuk brought along Sabrina from Bangi, whom we all love and has been made part of the group anyway. So we had 2 Sabrina sidekicks :) Missing Arnez who's in Germany and Kama who had set his alarm wrong and put his phone on silent..apala..may this friendship last forever and for more crazy sahur ideas in the future.

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