Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Raya Yang Bes

Selamat Hari Raya to all my friends and family. May everyone have a joyous Syawal, and may Ramadhan have passed as blessedly as how it should be. Today's the 3rd day of Raya, and like any other year in Malaysia (especially in KL), there are 23 more days to go, before the closing of houses to others (ini agak drastic la plak...not saying that you can't visit my house any other days of the year) Anyway...3 days and I've managed to so far maintain my weight, maintain my high on ketupat and rendang, and at the same time, maintaining my confusion on whether I could or couldn't eat today (confuse kalau2 puasa lagi ke). This happens sometimes, coz you somehow get used to not eating the whole 1 month.Pelik OK...and the next thing you see is my sis, gulping down Coke, and confirm dah Raya...yay!Anyway..in these 3 days I've managed to:

1. Day 1- Go visit Ayah's, Nenek's and Nyang's pusara in the morning...Go to Wan Long's, Wan Chik's, Tok Joyah's, Wan Mah's houses and ate like there's no tomoro..hehe..bes bes
2. Day 2-Be the best host to family and friends who managed to pop over for a taste or 2 of my mom's yummylicious Beriani Pakistan.
3. Day 3-Go to Seremban, not knowing how to go about to Paroi, but managed to, without much guidance, and managed to find Han's house on my own (only address provided) and Ariff's (Mr. Left Neighbour) house, also very much on my own (only street name provided...I searched for his house by searching for his car...giler tak giler), and once I reached home, I pengsan till nite time..hehe..penat OK

I'm still up and about now (its 3 am now, and I know how some would ternganga terkejut, coz some of you guys know how early I sleep daily) and I think I'll reward myself by waking up very late tomoro.hehe.Nite Bloggie, and again, Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin.


IbuHaziq said...

biler raya open house???

OLYN said...

hehe...mcm tak jd jek...tp if u guys cud arrange a day when all of u can turn up, i'll be happy to cook up a dish or 2 for you..nnt kite calling2 k n set a date