Sunday, November 18, 2007


Alas...I've collected some of my work so far. Not bad for an amateur with no proper training, aye? Here are some of 'em. Lots more were not recorded :( For orders, email me personally (, min of a week in advance. Min order is 10pcs, and max of 150pcs.
I make only classic butter cupcakes, but with 3 types of toppings:
1. Buttercream topping: RM1.30 (M), RM1.80 (L)
2. Chocolate Ganache topping: RM1.50 (M), RM2.00 (L)
3. Cheese topping: RM2.00 (M), RM2.50 (L)
Please specify:
1. Your choice of color, pattern, theme, name of birthday indi etc.
2. Which topping you require.
3. Where you live (if you need delivery - extra charges for areas beyond KL)
4. Name and phone number, for easier communication :)

My latest work - Pingu and Barney for birthday girl Liyana

Various odds for an aunt's Raya open house - first time order of 150 pcs and individually wrapped in a UFO-like plastic containers to take home.

Other easy weasy patterns I whip up

Basics of plain and chocolate ganache topping for a classic yet delish finish


niQue_naQ said...

yummyyyy loooks delish! u do international delivery? hehe wanna some with teddy bear wearing a convo hat and scroll hehehehehehe my convo is next month! feels different without u guys around :(

Mrs ZYI said...

put, do u hv ym? weh im so interested in ordering cupcakes all dis while. but x pernah lagi la. and now knowing a friend actually doing it, waahh! lagi la best. eh area KJ how eh? u area mana sbnrnye?

Anonymous said...

Excuse me..tumpang lalu..!!came across your blog..Nak can i make an order??nampak sangat yummyyyliciouss..(the chocolate topping)..

OLYN said...

haloo peeps..

nique: id be happy to deliver, if it wasnt for d rough rough delivery i imagine would happen to d darling cupcakes...nnt squashed up la awk...huhu

mrs zyi (aka yus): i do have YM, but its not activated here at d'll be easier if u called me..i stay in taman if ure anywhere around is not a prob...

dear anonymous: nice to hav u passin can email me d details at ok, and we continue from there :)

runiz said...

impressive. I never tot i have fren so creative, I know u are good cook by the way...interesting.