Wednesday, February 20, 2008

February 3/4

I realize that I've not achieved as much as I wanted to during this period of nothingness, and I think to counter this I need to list down the things needed to be done by Tuesday next week, latest. Why Tuesday you may ask...well..yours truly is going somewhere before she starts her new job. Let's see:

1. Take SPM Cert at Putrajaya (long story) - done!
2. Bank in my piggie bank (dah penoh sgt!) - done!
3. Take my IEM Cert (future Ir. di luar sana dah apply lom?) - can't be done...they're posting it to me, so kirenye done!
4. Finalize on my trip itenary (yup...Miss Olyn is the organiser for this trip, and she does not know much, but is trying really hard to make the trip a good one for her let's all pray for her success and berianess..huhu) - done!
5. Take Mak out for a good lunch somewhere nice
6. Buy 3 more shirts for the new job (I'm hoping for a uniform, so let's do this only if its confirmed otherwise)
7. More tudung shopping (I need orange, lilac, more pink, light green maybe)
8. Pay my bills!!! - done!

Tu je kot...Well, if I could think of something else, I'd just add to this then. Agak banyak la kan with sooo little time left. Makes me wonder what I've been doing all this while..hehe...In conclusion, Olyn has been a hibernating badak...

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