Sunday, June 21, 2009

6 months In a Jiffy - continued

i remember now...few things after downloading pictures from my phone and camera. lets see:

11. last weekend i went to a grand grand wedding at d sime darby convension. my cousin's wedding i think (i didn't really know her, im more of a companion to mom) id like to marry here anyday...

12. went to a simple, classy and one of the most perfect wedding of all times; han's sister's (sarena) wedding at bora asmara, at kg. penchala. only 50 were invited, and when ure included in that 50, u know ure special...

13. at office there's only d 3 of us lady engineers and we're really close. one of us got half-hitched (engaged) to her man. congrats oli!

14. went to a weekend getway to pd with saza. with no plans whatsoever.

15. few picnics with mr. haziq as chairman, and this yr we found an even better spot; tasik asiajaya ( is that what its called?)

16. tanjung jara; unveiled, with parv n nik. gorgeous. honeymoon anyone?

17. mahsuri theatre at national theatres with runiz, nizam and om

18. lastly aishah's birthday at mcd with my trifle and kak aini's cheesecake for dessert.yummy! that's aishah on d left n oli (d newly engaged)

ala...that's it? not even 20? damn...should get more life..

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