Friday, June 19, 2009

6 months In a Jiffy

what has been occupying my time all this while? i wonder too, actually. there's the same habit of not doing anything after work till late nite, and hopping into bed early (but sometimes late, still not doing anything so significant). there's all those nites, of course, that i go to gym, and coming back flat, and straight to bed..well...which leaves me to only my weekends, which has been nothing but busy busy busy.

january...ther was hanoi..february..hmm..cant rmmbr..d following months...still cant rmmbr...may initiated d birthday month for d geminis in my sis nita's was on 27/5, then there was my cousins' birthdays on 4/6 and 5/6, my birthday on 6/6, nik's birthday on 7/6 and mom's birthday on 8/6..a colleague's birthday on 12/6, and today's nell's birthday!! see what i mean? anyway...this month is definitely a pokai month...for my ##th birthday, myself and saza went to singapore to join nik on scotts. that was an excellent weekend indeed. this birthday, i got myself crocs in singapore, i love shopping there for its branded stuffs..i wana go again, jomm saza..and i got many many lovely birthday presents from my loves...thanks guys..

apparently, since i dont hav much of a memory, ill jot 10 stuffs that i rmmbr;

1. went to my first big bad book sale..nik brought me, it was superb, and i cant wait to go again!
2. my cooking business was on hold from january till just recently
3. im kinda in an air asia shopping spree not gona tell yet where im going, wait n see
4. ive been working like a dog, every penny in my account is beyond halal
5. ive been working out, im just half way done, another half year to go to reach my stars
6. ive been dating few people like im 18 again, n im loving it
7. im happy now, dunno why, maybe just the damn adrenaline
8. found the best looking bakery ive ever seen - the bread shop
9. my condo is almost 2 storey high already, another 15 stories to go to reach my floor
10. i had d best looking gym instructor in my gym

oo well...i tried..hehe..ill write more sense in my next post, i promise...consider this a warm up ok...:p

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