Monday, October 26, 2009

mee rebus gear box

as i was passing through AU3 from work today, i saw the 'sup gear box' stall that me and my family had been to. the soup is flavorful, but.....considering that we paid minimum of RM15 per bone, the meat is NOT ENOUGH, marrow is NOT ENOUGH, and i guess, in conclusion, the soup is not worth the price.i love sucking the marrow...yes, its not entirely healthy, but its a delicacy, so it should be excused of its nutritional values to the human body. we found another place that sells similar straw-slurping concept, but only this is in the form of mee rebus with lamb gear box. this is the only dish id recommend at linda onn's mom's chicken rice shop, coz the only malay chicken rice i could accept (other than my mom's) is nasi ayam mancongkam. the mee rebus, is delish, and very generous; with 2 pieces of large gear box and plenty of meat to bite into..its a must try at only RM9!

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