Sunday, October 18, 2009

Me again..I'm fine thank you

Olyn has a new toy. Its simple, but powerful, and its way past time she bought it.

From my previous post, it looks like I didn't make it..Its been almost 4 months now..I'm fine, and that was just my fear of getting the H1N1 virus by going to the US..hehe..Silly me..

Anyway, months have passed..I've changed department, I've relocated into my own room at the office..Happy bout that, but of course, as human, who is ever satisfied? I'm figuring out how to work with no phone, no internet line, and few more stuffs from the construction of my room, still visible in the room...sometimes it just makes you wonder how it survives all this years..Maintenance is too occupied, IT is too occupied, and I've been back and forth into my old department, checking my email..If I didn't care less, I'd just sit back and do my work without caring a damn about the 30 to 40 emails a day I get..Crap..Anyway, thank you for this opportunity..(?)

I've not been focused on my work..Maybe lack of interest? No...I'm very interested..No focus of what to do first then next? Maybe..But I'm hoping with this new toy, I'd get more geared up and ready to charge..Let's see..

That's work..Life-wise, I'm not doing too bad I guess..Looking forward to few things..Will talk more in the near future..

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