Wednesday, December 08, 2010

heartbreak chapter 3

dear diary,

my heart is hurt again. when people ask me if its not as bad as before, i thought it wasnt, but somehow it is. this time, urs truly got dumped, and reminded to get a grip. get a grip! can anyone ever imagine getting slapped twice in a day like that? i know it was the shortest relationship of mankind; 1 month of dating, 2 months of being a couple, 1 week of love declaration then suddenly the news. i knew i was asking for it when we started this friendship. i think twice of the same song is enough for me to learn to never ask for the same type of trouble in the future.

have i had enough of love? yes n no. i hate to give up, yet first thing that comes to mind when reminded of him, was to never get into one ever again.

this time, the cut is deeper somehow; probably the age factor, probably the ego factor, probably because this time it wasnt me doing d cut, probably because this time, i did too much; i cooked, i drove, i helped so much, i loved his friends, i respected what he does to d kids he loved and taught. i dont know.

i was reminded today of d silver lining. i would love to believe so, n i hope for it soon. i pray for myself, and hope for the prayers of others.


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