Saturday, December 25, 2010

im doing great

my last posting was about how hurt i was about him. just few days after, i found out so many things beyond my comprehension, that had helped me to heal almost instantly. imagine this;

3/12 : he says im his love
6/12 : he asks for a break; coz he had no choice but to get married coz his mother is dying, and he needed to get married to family's choice OR find another hindu girl to get hitched
12/12 : he changes his relationship status 'in a relationship'

sucks huh? again, i take this as a lesson learnt; once a playboy and a liar, always will be, so you should always avoid getting your heart into the situation with these types of people. another lesson learnt is that YM contacts are not trustworthy; you may say that its not applicable to everyone, but it is possible i think to actually put a 90 percentile accuracy to that assumption. yet another lesson learnt is to avoid getting in love with someone who hates his own family.

he's a teacher, very much loved by his students, but definitely not a good guy to get your heart into. good friend? maybe, but who knows right?

me? im doing great now. my heart is yet again tucked by a certain someone :) ill share more when im sure of this.

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