Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The New Mee

Heya peeps...Checkout Olyn and More...Yeah, I know its typical if you know me very well (pink and all) but this is MY blog and I could do whatever I want with it...Hehe...Let's see...I've been checking out you bloggers out there, and I've come out with an idea of making this blog actually work for me...As some already know, I love to cook...So I'm going to share what I could make, for you in KL, by offering you my service of catering. Yummy English and Malaysian dishes that will make your mouth water. I'll also post up some simple recipes that you could make at your own home. Checkout my next blog for illustrations.

For now, no pictures yet, but to let you guys know what's cooking:

Shepherd's Pie (Old English)
Baked Macaroni (Malaysian style)
Chocolate Brownies
Grandma's Traditional Butter Cake
Baked Pasta with White Sauce
Sandwiches (Eggs / Chicken / Sardine / Tuna)
Apple Crumble

If anyone has any other cravings besides the ones I've posted, do let me know. Its kinda early morning for me to come up with the whole list, but what I've listed so far are the ones that I've sold to happy customers.

note to myself: take all pictures of whatever I cook in the future!

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