Thursday, September 21, 2006

Tech Savvy?

Does anyone feel like doing charity today? This charity drive needs only about RM900, and you very sweet, charitable people will not only make any particular being happy, but ME! I'm in love.....with a K610i that is sleek and light, has the perfect sexy colour (red!), with 3G, camera 2.0 Mpix, Bluetooth, and MP3. Cun gel (Batu, I pinjam trademark naa) and I think I HAVE to get it. Anyone can check it out, and anyone would agree that its NICE (Ariff's trademark laks) and affordable for a 3G.
My only problem is that, for all you out there who doesn't know me, I NEVER buy tech savvy things. I don't even have a CD player , which even my babe sis has, and of course not even MP3 Players, let alone MP4 Players, which I know of its existance thanks to, again, my babe sis (and I call myself an engineer...cikai tol). Actually, its a matter of old pride I guess, of buying only basics, and go for its workability. And come to think of it, I won't even be using much of the 3G, Bluetooth yada yada...But this tempatation is too great. Let's see how long I can withstand this wanting for technology. Next in line of technology checking-out would be a laptop. This weekend's project! Low Yatt Plaza here I come?


Zaitul Afizah said...

walauweiii....beli ajer la phone tu makcik...its high time...hehehe...ehhh...nnti hang g survey laptop...kasik info ok...makcik pun tgh carik laptop ni ha....ur laptop dulu tuh maner seh?

Ms Nellie said...

Olyn..beli ajerlah..i think you soo deserve a treat!

And pasai laptop tue..keep me in the loop too..

olyn said...

my old laptop has long gone to sleep...adela skali skale dia bangun...ikut mood cam tuan dia gaks