Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bedridden Weekend

I was excited for this weekend. Finally, a weekend to rest and no pressure of going here and there to settle this and that chore. Oooo...I would've loved this weekend, if only this fever would just go away and come on a weekday perhaps?? I've been bedridden and on panadol and ponstan since yesterday afternoon. My head is killing me, my body is aching all over, and all I got from the lowsy doctor at Klinik Idzham was an RM24 bill and some stupid pills my sis could've supplied for free. Dr. Siti Nariman...the worst doctor in the world. Our conversation (if you could even call it that) went pretty much like this:

Me: Hi Doctor!
Doctor: (a nod)
Me: Saya demam. Terok sangat. Pening kepala. Sengal-sengal badan, Doctor. What's wrong with me?
Doctor: (silence, and places the thermometer on my forehead) Demam. Give me your arm. Nak check blood pressure. (pump pump pump...release....)
Me: How is it Doctor?
Doctor: Quite low. Ade batuk?Selsema?
Me: Takde. (duh)
Doctor: Ok.
Me: What if I have denggi?
Doctor: Come back in 5 days.

And that was it! How can you charge anyone, just by doing that. This took, what...5 minutes?? I think this doctor seriously needs to just stay home, get more kids, and retire early. She's definitely not someone I'd recommend. The only reason I went there anyway, was thinking that it might be another doctor's shift for treatment, since she usually takes on the morning shift. I guess I won't bother hoping again. That'l be the end of my dumping my money to that lousy clinic.

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niQue_naQ said...

olo siannye dapat doctor yg sangat poyo huhu

get well soon babe!