Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sale Sale Sale

Last weekend was something else. I was out with the family (solely as supporter, seeing that I was to tired to make anything) selling stuffs. My mom is an artist, seriously. She paints, and her latest endeavor involves crystals. And, as her talent and recognised specialty in art, she didn't merely take this up unprofessionally. She completed a whole course, and have been practising, and I've managed to sell a few at the office (thanks guys) and thanks of course to her talent. So she didn't take up the offer we received from a cousin lightly; to test the market in the open. My sisters also added some others stuffs for variety. This was all at Masjid Kampung Pandan, and best of all, the whole affair was for a good cause; as crowd puller for the Hal Ehwal Perdana, RTM1. Sale was not so bad, but we definitely had an fun.

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