Saturday, September 01, 2007

Bali Bali

Bedugul - tasik di gunung berapi

Breathtaking Uluwatu
Seronok shopping di Art Market Kuta
With the talented artists
Barong dance at Batubulan

Me and Mak having our tea before leaving for home sweet home

I'm definitely coming back. Bali is fantastic. I love the people (they love us Malaysians back), great relaxation (massage, warm beach...oo la la), breath-taking views (and not forgetting utter solemnity) and fantabulous shopping!!huhu...We went on the Kintamani Tour, Bedugul Tour, Half-Day Uluwatu and Kecak Dance package, and the rest was all on our own two feets. 5 days went by too quickly. Must-sees are the Kecak Dance during sunset at Uluwatu, the view at Kintamani and Bedugul (highlands unlike what I've ever seen).

I must recommend that first-timers like myself, should stay in Kuta, just like my cousin recommended. I stayed in Hotel Legian Paradiso, a modest yet like the rest of Bali, detailed with its delicate beauty. Very convenient, about 30 minutes from the International Airport, 10 minutes walk to the Legian Beach - get the cheap massages they offer here, while cuci mata on cool surfer dudes, 5 minutes walk to its Arts Market (very good bargain here) surrounded by good shops for your shopping pleasures, 2 minutes walk to 3 Minang Muslim restaurants, 2 minutes walk to the best CD shop I've ever been to (Rp10,000 each only!!), and endless flow of taxis that'd take you everywhere (but be extra careful, they cheat sometimes). This hotel also has its own spa, so you only need to step out of your room, walk a few steps and into the spa at any time (they even do room service). Oh yeah...did I mention they serve Halal breakfast as well?
For your shopping pleasures, best bargains would be at various places, for various items. Get gorgeous beaded slippers at Ubud (especially towards nightfall), leather goods at Goa Gajah, clothings at Kuta and Tanah Lot, cheap souveniers and home deco at Denpasar Art Market, exotic aromatherapy and spa soaps, oil, scrubs at Kuta, beaded accesories at Kuta, original paintings at Ubud, stone carvings at Batubulan and the list goes on...I like I like I like! are some of the shots of Bali.


niQue_naQ said...

babeeeeee..tak aciiiiiiii dah gi bali!!

jom2 gi skali lagik :p

OLYN said...

of coz...mmg nak sgt pegi ngan my bff's laks...jomm usya surfers sesama...huhu

shobshob said...

bestnya pegi Bali!! cantik gambar uluwatu masa sunset.

i will definitely go to bali again, mmg such a lovely island!

OLYN said... of my most memorable travels ive been to