Friday, September 28, 2007

I liked this week, till today came

I had a wonderful week this week. I came in on Monday, managed to do quite a lot at the office and settled many major issues that's been mushrooming lately. Anyway, all problems aside, I was sent off for the next 3 days by my company's training centre to learn how to make plastic parts. I've been to numerous mould trials, but I never knew what the operators actually do. This time, I not only know what to do, what to know, how to calculate for that perfect output, but I now also know how to set up the mould machine itself. Cool OK. Best part bout this training was that I managed to make many many plant pots and cups for the house.huhu..Of course with the help of my lovely groupmates. And to top it all off, Thursday nite was spent with my school loves. My favorite classmates in the world during my whole 10 years in school. Even though I only got to know you guys since form 4, you guys made my school days complete and blissfull. Love you, Najah, Saza, Shikin and Hazreen.

Today, however, came and took my smile away. I'm having a headache now, just thinking of my future, and how it can change forever with a mere mistake I'm about to make if I decided wrongly. I need guidance, but I don't know from whom I could get it from.


Mrs ZYI said...

hi put..nice to see ur pic n najah.. dah lama tak tgk u all.. :)

slmt menyambut rmdhn!

kacuks.L said...

no offence, but u can try with a works sometimes..

OLYN said...

thanks kacuks...i made d DECISION already, and i think i made d rite d answers from many many people and petunjuk from Allah...i am now much happier :)