Thursday, September 13, 2007

Boredom Pills

Just like IbuHaziq, I'm pretty bored right now, and nak layan ni sat, before i start the day...

1. what’s bothering you right now?
the fact that i'm at work now, my eyes are heavy, and i could hear the soft faraway calling of my comfy bed.

2. describe your
wallet:brownish grey (warna kulit gajah la...i know what you want to say, but i'd defend myself by saying that i didn't know any better then, young and foolish), full of cards and receipts and teeny bit money....
wallpaper on pc: i have 2 logins here, so one is gamba haziq in towel (my adorable godson), and the other is something my system admin had set...dunno wat it is....
bckgrnd on cellphone: my gamba (hehe..poyo)....
jewellery worn daily: chain n locket, earings, and recently, i got this rose quartz from dear sis, so i wear that religiously now
eyes: blue (yeah rite)...
life: wats dat ya? loving it now...great friends, family's fine, i go out...ok la tuh kan?

3. what are you:
doing this wknd: plans just yet...maybe bukak puasa somewhere nice with family
wearing: Proton shirt and pants
wanting: getting away alone to a comfy hotel, with a book, and my phone playing my fav tunes
listening: high and dry - radiohead...
smell like: rose and lychee...well, at least i think i do...that's what d salesgirl said when i asked for this perfume; eternity moment

4. do you:believe in soulmate: yes...i think...i hope
believe in miracles: yes i do!
burn quickly in the sun: very much...especially around water

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