Wednesday, March 05, 2008

New Job vs Old Job

I've just started my new work about 3 days ago...I realize that as a normal human being, I tend to compare the current and the previous. I think this list should do justice to both the places :)

5 things I miss:
1. Previous surau...I miss lepakking with the kakak2 surau, chatting away like nobody's business, and when a dose or two wouldn't hurt because all the bosses were men :p
2. My desktop...argghhh...I dont have any now...typical engineering office...I guess I'll be buying that White Dell after all
3. My uniform...I hate to have to think of what to wear the next day...arrgggh....too much effort....
4. Gtalk....aaaaarrgggghhhhhhh
5. My gorgeous office...*sigh*

5 things I'm happy with:
1. Parking right inside the gates, just because I deserve it :)
2. Friendly and curious people around me, and not as many names to remember
3. A huuuuge table
4. I can wake up wee bit later than before, and drive without (I mean zero) jam and toll!!!
5. The work is awesome..Haven't started just yet, but I know now what I'm supposed to do and learn...woohoo...

5 things I'm unhappy with:
1. Starting all over again; work, knowing people
2. Only 1 internal cafe, unlike 5 last time
3. I feel dumb; coz I know nuts about aircraft; I used to feel so much more superior
4. No work for now; boredom kingdom settling in...
5. Having to walk to the other side of the factory just to solat...more pahala, I know, but ayoooo...

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