Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Sawadeekaaaappp 2008

I had a blast last week ( now, itsalmost a month ago)...running around one of the busiest cities in the world, Bangkok! This would be my 3rd time there, and everytime I go there, there's always something new to do and shop. Went there for a quick shopping and tour visit from Wednesday to Saturday, had one of the most relaxing Sundays, and started my new job on Monday. Hectic kan?

Suvarnabumi International Airport...majestic

We stayed in a modest Bangkok City Suite Hotel, Petchaburi Road Soi 1 (do not let d name fool you..hehe)which was clean, new and not bad at all for the price and location. We were very near the Bo Bae, Ratchathewi BTS Station, Siam Square and MBK Mall, and very very near Petchaburi Road Soi 7 which is a road densed with Muslim Halal food and Bangkok's largest mosque(one of the requirement of dear mommy :)) We reached Bangkok nearly nite time, so we only had time to go handbag shopping at MBK Mall...Dinner was there too ( ada Halal food at their food court called The Fifth Food Avenue, a very plush food court, kinda reminds me of Starhill's Food Stadium back then) and we couldn't resist trying McD's Cheesy Fries and Milo Float later that same nite.

Ronald McDonald Siam...sawadeekaaapppp

Next day, we hopped onto the BTS and onto the Chao Phraya Tourist Boat ride. This is bloody cheap and very much recommeneded. You pay only about RM10, and you get to go on and off the boat as you please along the famous river from 9.30am till 4.00pm. We hopped off only at the Ratchawongse Pier to go shopping at Sampeng (my family went nuts here) and Pahurat, and another time at the Maharaj Pier for the Grand Palace tour. I didn't go for this one though, been there once already, so I lepakked at a cafe just outside the palace gates while the others were in. No Halal lunch here though, except for a murtabak stall at the pier. Not so badla...Still can survive..We had dinner at Petchaburi Road Soi 7, at a simple restaurant there, with a recommended spread of Tom Yam Campur, Lidah Goreng and Omelette Ketam...sedap giler, tapi ketuk kau2 punyer...takpela...just a one time splurge for really good food...Next on the agenda was Patpong...don't expensive to shop :p and so many Super P**** outlets!!haha.

Happily on the boat

Wat Arun

Posing over kat Grand Palace

The opposite of Grand Palace...I think this part looks really colonial and cozy..kan?

Next day, we went straight to Bo Bae (on foot from hotel, along the way, we walked through their morning wet market...menarik...) and bought lotsa clothing. You can get really cheap lingeries, skirts, jeans, tops etc etc...anything to do with clothings under the sun...We found a mosque there and voila! Halal Food!!After, Jim Thompson's was a good stop as well...I love his house and the cafe they built in the compound...another small splurge for good environment and Thai tea (actually I don't really like the tea...too strong for me) We went on to a Gem Factory for a short tour and shopping...I only bought a silver pendant here..lawa sangat! That final nite, we lepakked at Siam Square for a last-minute shopping at Little Siam...nice clothing range they have there...much better quality than Bo Bae, definitely, and they have Boots and a milk outlet called the Milky Plus...I had a Blueberry Milk..yummy...they said that Hard Rock was somewhere in this place, but we didn't know till we came back :(

At Jim Thompson's...This is one part of his house

And lastly, on the Saturday, where would we be if it wasn't at Chatuchak? We were there from really early morning till about 3, and we only managed to cover about 1/10 of the ground. We sadly left that nite to reality, back in KL, where we have to go back to work, my mom goes back to her paintings and lil sis goes back to watching her TV...

At Chatuchak, the craziest huge market I've yet to conquer

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niQue_naQ said...

how come i missed this post ek? tetiba scroll down jer ader citer pasal bangkok hehe

best nyee..teringat zaman kite gi ramai2 dulu, one of the best vacation ever ever ever!

nice pics, giler shopping tak hengat mung nie hehehe (^_^)