Saturday, May 24, 2008

Gemini Fever

Tangan kiri dan kanan saya sangatlah gatal kebelakangan ini...hehe...This is because June is around the corner, and it is one of the most feared month of the year for everyone around us Gemini's and ourselves...I have basically 5 birthdays to celeb (you guys know who you are) and gone are the plans of buying new shirts and shoes for myself...But Mom gave me a brilliant idea...She's buying me shoes for my birthday! Yay! So I'm definitely checking out Pedal Works again for those cute shoes that Nik paraded me a month back...They're not just cute, but they're perfect for feet that are bigger than your average Malaysian size (I mean sizes 9 to 12!)I'm a size 9 myself, and I used to hate shoes till I found my these...Go check it out yourselves, at Subang Parade...suke sgt...:')


Karen Marie said...

Hey Olyn!:)
This is Karenmarie from

Pedal Works rocks! BUT, there's more shoes for us girls sized 9-12!:)

Try Isetan KLCC! They have a section for shoes sizes 9-12 with 3 brands:

Pedal Works, Khas and Schuez.

I baru balik from shopping yesterday and i bought a black peeptoe pump in my size!

Plus Isetan's on sale!

So happy!:)

OLYN said...

oo..hey girl...thanks for the tips!yeah...ill go check it out asap...i need new shoes badly...btw..have u ever had a 'Princess' shoes moment?they were the only brand in past with shoe our size...kesian kite dulu kan? huhu...