Sunday, June 15, 2008

Birthday June

Its been one hectic weekend after another...The previous trying to find the perfect gifts for everyone, and just last week, was the weekend that everyone (other than the ones celebrating it) feared. It turned out fantastic of course, thanks to everyone that organised so many things.
Lets birthday was a Friday...I took leave, but no, its not entirely for me, but to bake 300 cuppies for order...This is the most I've ever done...It was great, it was hell, it was fantastic, and I was welcomed into one of the most beautiful homes I've ever been to (my gracious customer) I got many many gifts from evryone as well; shoes from Mak, MP3 Player from sis 3, a jewelery box from sis 4, a watch from sis 1, a silver Ziziano bracelet from Han and a mani pedi session from Nik and Saza..huhu...I'm pampered...

An angel in Norway ordered and delivered a Pods & Petals Giftlab cake to my doorsteps...thanks Zai...It was delicious!

Saturday was Nik's birthday, which she, Saza and I celebrated manicuring and pedicuring at Bangsar...I have gorgeous nails now people, and I can't wait for next month to go for my monthly pedicure now...Who can blame me? Its sooo addictive...That night, me and Mak shoots off for Genting, to join my lil sisters for a nite over there...They have Click 5 concert to go to, and we just felt its better if we joined in the fun (this is actually the long story made short...its actually a very long story, and I don't think I'd share it here) Sunday was Mom's birthday, and we had a great half day in Genting, and the rest, downtown in KL..Dinner was at Mak's fav...Tarbush...Yummy as always...

Olyn is all smiley coz she's feeling like a princess

Nik and Saza are happy too
To top off the day...a Banana Split at Baskin...yummm
Nik posing with her cuppie I made
At Genting..having a stroll after breakfast...sigh...

Its a Monkey Plant!! We found this while walking that morning, just by the roadside...Gorgeous kan..

The Durian Ice Cream not to be missed...Check this out at Restoran Yik Kee...same row with Hotel Seri Malaysia...creamy and not so sweet...

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