Sunday, June 15, 2008

P. Ramlee The Musical

I finally got to go to the highly acclaimed theatre...This is what I think:

1. Saloma (Liza Hanim) and P.Ramlee (Musly Ramlee) gave me goosebumps when they sang. They were awesome. Firstly, they look just like the real stars...Secondly, Musly sounds almost exactly like P. Ramlee and Liza Hanim in her own way had such a beautiful voice...I'm sorry she had to start off her career during the reining days of Siti Nurhaliza...She's so good.
2. I loved the choreography...Its like watching a Broadway...the crisp efficient moves were flawless.
3. I loved all the other casts as well...Chad, Atilia, Melissa Saila...But Emelda was a bit of a disappointment...but still not too bad for a first timer.
4. The songs were just too bad though...When I went to this theater, I'd expect the producers to use only P. Ramlee's original songs...However, I think there were just about 5 songs of his...pity...coz I'm pretty sure the legend had produced hundreds of beautiful songs. The newly composed songs are pretty lame...The producers used the same 2 songs over and over, and just changed the lyrics to fit to the occasion. The worst parts of it was that these songs are melodiously non-original...Try listening to the song 'Reflection' by Christina Aguilera in Mulan and 'Pulanglah' by Misha Omar in Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam...Kantoi...Its a real pity because out of all the scenes, the scenes that really touched me were the ones when P. Ramlee sang his own songs...sigh...

I'd definitely list this theatre as one of my favorites. Thumbs up to the Malaysian local theatre. You guys are world class...

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