Thursday, July 03, 2008

Green Getaway

I can't wait for this trip...It would be about 2 weeks after the Bandung trip, and only my family (cousins and aunts and all...the Zubaidah clan) will occupy this 3 acres land for the weekend...huhu...Ayah used to organize these kinda trips, and I guess having his blood, my elder sis is organizing this beautiful one-nite stay...I know its gorgeous not just through the web, but we got to peep in on the way back from sending off my lil sis to Pahang last weekend...I mean it...its gorgeous, especially if you love natural landscape and appreciates the tradisional feel to this place...We had tea with the owners (beautiful Fred Suria-she's French, and her hubby Zaini) and she toured us around the compound, and told us her story. Her story reminds me of one from a story book...This is a place where you could just sit back and finish up your novel or bathe in the cool clean river Janda Baik is famous for...Jom gi Zaini's Guest House nak? It's sooo lawa...

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