Sunday, July 13, 2008

Carbonara Yumm

I should have more faith in my sis from now onwards. Last night, I had one of the best Spaghetti Carbonara ever! Its not her recipe, most definitely, but it was basically perfectly coated with the creamy, yummy sauce, with just the right amount of salty beef (she forgot to buy beef bacon and we - being Mak and I, suggested that she fried the beef we had with teeny extra salt). Its from Martha Stewart, and this proves that her recipes are safe to try. Cost for overall cooking - RM30. Cheap aye, for 8 plates! Try this!


niQue_naQ said...

wats a half and half? half and half of wat?

eh, same jer soalan terbalik jer hahah poyo :p

OLYN said... bad...silap..nnt i post d real recipe...hers din use half and half...god knows wats dat :p

Anonymous said...

na here!! makan tanpa na!!!!! huhuhuhuhuhu!