Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rome, Italy

my favorite europe destination so far...rome...the food was superb (think about it..this is where it all started; gelato, pizza, pasta, the world's best ever hot chocolate, coffee!!!), the hotel was reasonably good, stayed at i didn't quite like the rain though, old italian men adored us...hehe...and the places we went to was breathtakingly beautiful and out of this world..imagine everything you see in da vinci code..yes, vatican city, colloseum (well, this was from jumper :p), palatine hill, pantheon, roman forum, galleria borghese, spanish steps, piazza navona, trevi fountain...i couldn't believe i was there, until the second day or maybe the third blessed...we stayed near termini station at montestella hotel , took d metro a LOT and on the hop on hop off (which was the cheapest in d trip) italians are not bad, not as friendly as texans (the friendliest human beings), but not as haughty as french (i'll elaborate later) but the men are such gentlemen, you'll melt (if you like men) enjoy the pics!

at d spanish steps

at the roman fav place in rome

at colloseum

me n nik at d roman forum..i love this pic

having a bit of breakfast before pushing our way through termini; best tuna sandwich

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