Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Paris, France

next in line was was a love and hate experience here...i love the nite scene here...i hate d people tho...they're painfully unfriendly...i was warned, but i didn't buy it, till i experienced it myself...we did meet 2 very helpful people tho...d nite we arrived cold n tired, n not understanding paris's metro system, and at d grande palais area, where we met a pretty chinese girl, whom we think is not a local...n of course, paris is not short of beautiful places to visit...eiffel was magnificient, especially at nite (but tiring due to d 3 hours we had to endure to go to d top), disneyland was magical, louve is gorgeous, notre dame was unique...hop on hop off here sucks big time tho and very expensive...we should've just taken their route map n take d metro which was fantastic!i love love love d free breakfast we get at d hotel; Belfort hotel; huge buttery croissant and thick coffee with butter and jam..i'd come back to paris for that...enjoy d pics...

disneyland paris!!

notre dame

arc de triomphe

eiffel ku

at grand palais

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runiz_zul said...

im forever in love with pARIS..OR Mmaybe because I havent seen spain n italy yet... :-)