Saturday, December 26, 2009


dear diary,
ive not been feeling myself since last night...lately, this feeling comes quite times like this, i sometimes feel like getting into my car and driving off to somewhere far far away, without a care of whether i had a penny in my wallet or if i brought along my phone...2 weeks ago, when no one was home, and i was on my way home from working on a weekend, i almost drove on to ipoh...but damn my conscious mind stopped me from doing so...i exited rawang and went back it the hormones? will something really big and ugly happen to me if i finally relented and followed my heart? i dont know what i want heart is a lost case, thats for mind is going nuts sometimes, even at work nowadays i feel like throwing a tantrum...why shouldnt i feel that way? butt ugly uniform, work like a dog, lousy food, getting calls from customers on my holidays on my own phone (no...d company only provides phones for d bosses, but i need to take those bloody calls anyway)...forget about getting into d i feel like hitching d next plane to nowhere...fuck this life...

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niQue_naQ said...

hey..hey come on, dont be like that! u just got a case of the blues..jom kite gi road trip sama2 okeh..another weekend in awana/kemaman/kerteh shud cheer u up! (^_^)